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Friday, May 23, 2008

A Funny Story

2 weeks ago we discovered the duck pond that's just up the road from us. We took our lunch and our sketch books (sounds really educational doesn't it) and had a picnic. My boys don't do a lot of drawing and colouring in but I thought they might get inspired if I joined in. Ds7 got out his sketch book and instead of drawing wanted to write down as many words that went with Ducks and ponds as we could think of. I was amazed because he absolutely hates writing anything and was so proud when he was telling me that he knew how to spell the words we were coming up with. I think we came up with about 30 words and he was studiously writing them down, but we weren't allowed to look until he'd finished. As we kept thinking of words and he kept writing them I was thinking how impressed I was and then we finally couldn't think of any more so I got to see what he'd written.

Ducks! Duck, ducks, ducks, ducks. The only word he'd written was ducks! The page was filled with ducks. He'd gotten me. I had the best laugh that I'd had in a long time.

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