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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mid Week Catchup

Well we've started our History subject yesterday and it went well. I've had to scrap our reward system because the kids took advantage of it. I had initially said that for every subject that the kids did they got 15mins of computer or TV time and if they got everything on their timetable done then they could have unlimited time in the afternoon. But as usual it worked for a little while and then somehow two 5 minute subjects turned into half an hour of computer time and then the half and hour of computer turned into the rest of the day....so now they will work until they've finished.

As I've also cut down how much of a particular subject they're doing throughout the week it seem to have refreshed everyones outlook towards their book work. I'm still concerned about ds14 and the fact that he gets sidetracked so easily and ends up getting nothing done. I may have to put a desk in his room and make him stay in there to do his book work alone. I don't like doing that, I like the fact that we're around each other as a family. We'll see how he goes with the rearranging of him timetable this week.

I couldn't believe that yesterday I did read-alouds for about an hour and a half! Somehow Tuesdays have ended up being our reading day, with Astronomy, History, Family Reading and Nature Study all on the one day. Next week I'll need to remember to do half the reading before archery so I'm not doing it all in one hit. Not only is it a bit hard for the children to sit there that long but it's a bit much for my throat, to keep reading aloud.

I've bought a schedule organiser from CurrClick called 'Joyful Steward' and it has sheets to print up for the children that includes what subjects they are to do each day and what jobs and also their reading schedule for the week. It's our first week using it and I love it already. Now if only I could get myself more organised, though I must admit that if I was as organised as I am now when I only had one child life would have been so much easier then.

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