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Monday, May 19, 2008

Pikelets with no eggs or milk!

I have just discovered that you can make pikelets with no eggs and no milk! It's amazing what you learn when the circumstances are right. I made these a little differently because I thought they might be bland without eggs and milk. I used self raising flour and when I ran out of that I used plain flour with baking powder, plus some sugar and enough water to make a batter. The first lot I added the last of the cocoa and the second lot I added a teaspoon or so of vanilla and some choc chips. They turned out great and you wouldn't even know the difference. Yum!

Note: I tried these later with wholemeal flour because I ran out of white flour and they tasted horrible.


kelly said...

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kari said...

That sounds awesome. Going to try them in 5minutes :)