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Friday, May 23, 2008

Poetry Recital and High Tea

Yesterday we went to a poetry recital and High Tea luncheon. It was great. Even the littlies had a go a reciting something, even just a nursery rhyme. I didn't really push my children to recite anything as they haven't really done much poetry, at least not at home (I don't know what they've done at school), but if we have another one I will be encouraging them very strongly to press through the barrier and get up there. I know how hard it is because I'm very shy as well and it's hard getting up in front of a lot of people you don't know, but you don't get past it by sitting in the background, you need to make a decision not to let it hold you back.

I was worried that our family wouldn't be posh enough for the company we were going to be keeping (I have a real inferiority complex) but everyone is so accepting of each other and the children fit in quite well with the other children. I left ds2 at home, because he's getting a little bit hard to control. He's nearly 2 1/2 but doesn't have hardly any language skills, we're a little worried that he may have some issues. Because of this I didn't have to worry about where he was every second and was able to enjoy myself and get to know some of the other homeschool mums.

Going to the Poetry Recital has inspired me to read more poetry to the kids. I loved poetry when I was younger and wrote a few myself. I still have my favourites:
* The Lady of Challotte - Tennyson
*Halfway Down - A.A. Milne

Actually A.A. Milne is one of my favourite poets. I love just about all his poems and am starting to read them to ds7 and dd9.

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