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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The value of a steam mop

This is just my first entry. I've been wanting to write a blog for a while but now that I've set it up I have no idea what to write about. Some idea's I have are of course writing about my limited homeschool experiences, my new sewing class, some books I've read and general large family stuff, like favourite cheap and easy recipes, money saving idea's, discipline and relationships with the kids etc.

Today we had a great afternoon with someone coming over for afternoon tea. My stupid mop, that is only a couple of weeks old, broke after I had only mopped the entry hall....I want my steam mop back!!! I loved my steam mop but it died a couple of months ago. I love the thought of not using harmful chemicals around the kids and you don't use as much elbow grease to get the floor cleaned, even the kids can use the steam mop easily (I, of course, refill the water so they don't burn themselves). But I had to go and buy some cheap mop and it has only been used 3 times before today and now it is broken beyond repair, and as I have a lot of tiles I need a mop. I had to get down on my hands and knees with a cloth and next week I have a house inspection too!! Mother's day has just passed and I think if I had gotten anything for it I would have asked for a steam mop.

Another reason I really need the steam mop is that ds2 feels his food belongs on the floor. We hear the spoon drop and if we're not quick enough the rest of his meal follows too, or it goes in his hair. I have photos of his head plastered with weet-bix, yuck! But he's such a little cutie that we can't stay mad with him and he cleans up most of his messes when I ask him to. It's great when they're this age and don't complain and are willing to be helpful.

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