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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekend Musings

Our first week of our new schedule worked out really well. Unfortunately I was sick on Thursday so we didn't have our first French Day. I was looking forward to that as well. Ds7 says that he doesn't want to learn French and won't speak it but I told him that I was going to speak it to him anyway so he would need to learn it to understand me. He's a funny boy. Dd9 knows the first stanza of My Country just from using it as our 'Poem of the Week' and copying it for copywork. I was very impressed.

I've had kids doing bookwork at 5:30 in the afternoon this week. I normally have them finishing up at around 2pm whether they've done their work or not but I've decided that it's not my problem if they muck around all day because they really only have a couple of hours of book work to do a day (if that).

Ds14 has cooked dinner a couple of times this week. He complained that he was sick of finding my hair in the food I've been cooking. It really is falling out at an alarming rate, probably because of the financial stress we've been under since the beginning of the year. So I told him that if it was such a problem then he could do the cooking and so that's the way it's been most of this week.

I made 'Surprise Golden Syrup Dumplings' for dessert last night. The surprise is a piece of chocolate in the middle of the dumplings, in this case white chocolate. Yum!!

Our little girl, who is 4 and a half months old, is starting to roll over, though she hasn't done it while I am around. She lifts her head off the ground all the time though, as though she's trying to sit up. She must have a strong neck. To all those soon to be mums that are contemplating a sling or wrap to carry their baby in I encourage you to do it. For Ds7 and Ds2 I wanted a sling but just never got around to getting one but for this dd I bought a ring sling off Ebay and it's great. I wish that I had gotten one right from the very first child I had. And the wrap is just a 5 metre piece of stretchy material cut in half lengthways. I love them both, they are both useful in different situations. I use the wrap when there's a lot of walking involved, like going shopping but the sling is good when there's a lot of standing or sitting, like dd9's netball game. I get so excited whenever someone tells me they're pregnant and I tell them that they've got to get one.

I'm thinking of putting dd4mths cot in with dd9 so she can sleep there during the day and early evening so I might actually be able to watch tv of a night in my room and have the portacot in my room for during the night. She's getting too big for the bassinet that she's in now. They grow so fast, but we wouldn't have it any other way. It's amazing how that even with a sixth baby everything they do is so new and you just never get over how much they grow and learn.

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