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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our New Timetable

Well tomorrow we have our first sewing lesson with someone from the homeschool community. Sewing lessons were meant to start 2 weeks ago but I was sick and then last week we both forgot. The children couldn't wait for me to start lessons with other homeschoolers and have already made a few items. Dd9 has picked it up and run with it, as usual, she is such a joy to teach anything. She makes an honest effort at anything she tries, unlike the boys. But even my boys wanted to learn sewing and have made little pillows each. Next we'll try a small bag, if I can get my act together. Plus it's hard to sew with ds2 around, climbing on you or the chair you're sitting on. Actually it's hard to do anything with ds2 around, he's always after something, a cuddle, food, drink, drawing on the kids school books....

I've been doing some reading and have decided that I need to keep a journal of what the kids do each day, including incidental learning, to practice educationalese. We're not currently registered, but just in case I need to get registered in a hurry I need to be able to say what we learn each day besides our subject checklist. My problem is that I'm just not consistent and with 4 children to write about it's not a quick thing to do. I'm also cutting down the amount of work that we do each day, because there's so much I want to do and I just don't have the time to do it with the workload we already have. So instead of Rod and Staff English everyday it will be 3 days a week, Apologia Science will be cut down to 2 days a week. Maths will be 3 days a week but 2 sheets each day instead of one. This will open up some room for our 'Poem of the Week' and copywork. So our timetable will look something like this:


Family reading (Terrestria Chronicles)
Individual reading (1 chapter of individual book)
Music practice
Copywork of 'Poem of the Week'

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
English (Rod and Staff)
Maths (Math u See, 2 pages a day)

Tuesday, Thursday
Science (Apologia, Exploring Creation with Astronomy)
History (Our Sunburnt Country)

Poem of the Week (Banjo Patterson)

Nature Study (Wonderland of Nature)

Arts and Craft (sewing)

French Day (We try to say what we know in French)

Music Lesson

I still need to incorporate a writing program, at the moment I'm favouring 'Writing Strands' though I haven't bought anything yet, and I'm thinking about adding 'Wordly Wise' to my ds14's timetable. The above timetable doesn't include him as I'm still trying to sort out his workload.

P.S. I forgot to include that we've been doing a Language program for French but I'm not happy with how we've been learning, or not learning it so I'm thinking of having a 'French Day' with which the children learn some of their favourite questions, like "Can I have something to eat?" and "What time is it", and use them throughout the day. I'll need to remember what the answers are, it's been a long time since I learnt French, but they'll also learn things like please, thankyou, their numbers, yes, no as well as how to tell someone their name and ask how they are.

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