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Thursday, May 22, 2008

What we're doing with our education

Lately I've been thinking how stressful it is to try and do a lot of book work with a 2 year old and a baby. Since ds2 burnt his fingers on hot toffee we haven't done much bookwork at all. So I've been adjusting my expectations for what they learn. I don't know if it's because we haven't gotten to the best part or not but I'm not too happy with the Rod and Staff English books I've bought. It just doesn't seem to be the direction I want to head in, and yet I did a lot of research before I bought them. I don't want to be one of those mums that buys all these resources and constantly changes her mind what to use. With ds7 I've decided not to use the Rod and Staff English book at all but we're using the free resources from Learning Page. He reads one book a week, that we print up and he does the free sheets that come with it.

We've also starting reading more books together. We've just started the Terrestria Chronicles this week. The kids thought it was going to be boring but I think they've been pleasantly surprised. It's an allegory so at the end we'll do the study that goes along with it, but to start with we're just reading it. We also have Our Sunburnt Country that we are going to read. I've been thinking about using this for Australian History for a while and mentioned this to a friend the other day and because she had 2 copies she gave one to me.

Having a Poetry and High Tea Luncheon today had given me the idea to incorporate a 'Poem of the Week' that we'll be doing copywork from and because we're doing Australian History we'll start with the Dorothea Mackellar poem My Country and then move on to Banjo Patterson's The Man From Snowy River.

But I feel like we're doing too much. I like our schooling to be finished before lunch but either we've got too much on our plate or they're just slow pokes. So I'm thinking of ditching English altogether, then I've wasted over $50 on postage.

One good thing is that I've cut down their TV and computer time. We get Austar, so I've started recording programs like Mythbusters and The Crocodile hunter and have told the dc that on their breaks they can watch TV but only the things I've recorded for them. LOL not much TV watching has been happening.


Anonymous said...

Reading together uses a lot of time each day but it is really worth it in the long run. Long conversations, just hanging around, used to bug me. Why can't people talk and work at the same time? (especially males!) But talking is just as vital as reading - we need to make time to do both. Sometimes this means us homeschoolers have to work smarter in other areas...

Love ya blogs, Rebecca. :-)


Becca said...

Thanks Beverley,
I'm still floundering around here and can use any suggestions and comments.