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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Growing Challenge

I found this great blog that encourages people to grow their own vegetables from seed, even if it's just one to start with. As this is very close to my own heart I'm joining in and will blog about my garden at least once a week.

Last weekend I planted out my pea seedlings which I grew from seed in fizzy drink bottles as well as planted carrot, parsnip, lettuce and silverbeet seeds into my veggie garden. I've also planted onion seeds in the drink bottles. This week I hope to plant some broccoli seeds. Hopefully I'll be more successful this season as in spring I had a lot of seeds come up but they didn't survive to be big productive plants. I need to keep ds2 away from them, he absolutely loves playing in the dirt with my seedlings. Some of the seeds that I planted last week are starting to come up already. I was a bit worried because in winter this garden doesn't get much sun. Next week I'll take some photos of my garden with things growing in it. as well as my pots with my apple trees and rosemary, parsley, strawberries, lemon tree, boysenberry, chillies and mint.

I hope to have 2 or 3 more garden beds like the one in the photo soon. It's made from old palettes that were given to me by a friend as well as sheep manure and straw. I have only bought soil for the top half of it so I can plant seeds such as carrots and parsnip which need to be planted straight into the ground.


Melinda said...

Welcome to The Growing Challenge! Lots of great co-gardeners to read about at:


I LOVE that you made your raised bed out of recycled pallets! Will you post more about how you did that?

Melinda said...

Whoops the link was cut off. Let's try this:

Lots of great co-gardeners to read about here

I think that's better!

Becca said...

Thanks Melinda,

I really love your blog and the challenge is great. I look forward to reading everyone else's blogs too.