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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Growing Challenge

I haven't done much in my garden so far this week, but my little peas are growing. I was a bit worried because they're in the shade pretty much, so we'll see whether they actually fruit (or in this case vegetable). My seeds are starting to sprout. Each day I go out and check to see just how much they've grown. It's amazing how excited I am over some vegetable seeds, but I've been aching to start this garden and now that I have I just want them to grow so fast. I have parsley growing in a styrofoam box but I never remember to use any in my cooking, that is my next goal. To actually use what I'm growing.

Now about my wooden palette garden bed. I've been given about a dozen wooden palettes, the kind that come with deliveries in factories, and I think I used 3 of them for 1 garden bed. I knocked the palettes apart using a hammer and actually used a circular saw to saw the thicker pieces of wood about the length of the width of 3 pieces of timber (if you can understand that). These are what I used in the corners and in the middle of each side. The ends are the length of one piece of timber from the palette and 3 pieces high. The sides are the length of 2 pieces and 3 pieces high. I was also going to recycle the nails and reuse them but I found them a bit too blunt and as I'm a weakling it was easier to use brand new nails. This was the first time I'd used a power tool other than a drill and I think it took me about 15 mins to get the guts to make the first cut :) but it was exciting.

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