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Monday, June 9, 2008


I'll now tell you my highschoolers timetable, as I left that out last time.

Independent reading - Currently 'Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle' by Jim Rohn
Family Reading - Terrestria Chronicles
Copywork - Poem of the week

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Maths (Math u See, 3 pages)
English (Rod and Staff)
Science (Apologia General Science)

Tuesday, Thursday
Zoology (Apologia)
History - Australian
Typing (Online typing program)

Poem of the Week - (Australian Poets)

Nature Study - Wonderland of Nature

Arts and Crafts (sewing)

French Day (where we try and talk in French as much as possible)

Catch up (whatever gets missed during the week is caught up on this day)

In his own time he is also teaching himself how to design web pages using CSS and how to set up a Linux Operating System on his Computer. He's doing really well and has some Vista like features working on his old computer, even though it couldn't possibly cope with the actual Windows Vista.

All the kids also have a CHARACTER TRAIT to practice each week
(speaking nicely to the others in the family, this week) as well as a LIFE SKILL which at the moment is cooking.

I use charts that I bought from Currclick to keep track of what the children are doing.

I have to say that even ds14 does copywork as his handwriting is atrocious. Both he and ds11 write really badly and I have put that down to the hopeless style of teaching handwriting that the Victorian Education Department use. Dd9's handwriting was heading in that direction but it appears that I've gotten there in time to save it and her writing is starting to look a lot neater. I'm teaching ds7 the plain old ball and stick method and even after just one year of schooling it's hard to break him out of the style of writing he was learning at school. When he remembers to write the letters the way I've shown him his writing (what little I can get him to do) looks quite neat. I'm looking forward to teaching ds2 how to write, I know I've got a long way to go yet, but it will be interesting to see if he has neater handwriting that his siblings.

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