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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tim's Birthday

It was Tim's birthday yesterday. Because we are so close to moving and are pretty much destitute at the moment he only got a birthday card and a cake. I don't think he was even expecting the card and it was a great one with fish on it, because he is fishing mad. On second thoughts he got to go fishing with the older 3 boys and I think that's a pretty good birthday present and today he's going fishing on the beach with his friend, for his birthday. But by way of actual presents he hasn't received anything yet.

The cake I made for Tim turned out really well. I have this thing for making chocolate curls at the moment and every cake I get to make is an excuse to practice this skill some more. Just before I went to ice it I watched an episode of 'Oliver's Twist' and watched Jamie cook a delicious chocolate cake for Jules which inspired me to do something other than a plain butter icing for Tim's cake. I cut the vanilla cake, that the kids made, in half and put some cream that I'd whipped with icing sugar in the middle and made a white chocolate icing from white chocolate (of course), butter, icing sugar and milk, melted on low in the microwave. Poured that over the top and made some chocolate curls from milk chocolate melted and poured over my marble lazy susan (it's the only reason I keep the lazy susan, I don't use it for anything else). I wait for the chocolate to be slightly hard then use one of the kids plastic ruler to scrape the curls. If you wait too long and the chocolate's too hard then it's harder to make the curls. Then I piled the curls in the middle of the cake and some of the smaller ones were spread around the cake. What a way to transform an ordinary cake mix cake. Everyone wanted seconds, I think I need to start making 2 cakes just for our family if they keep coming back for more.

Here's a photo of the cake I made.


Rosemary said...

Happy Birthday Tim!
Bec you need to post a picture of that delicious sounding cake. I sure would like to see how it turned out.

Robyn said...

Hi Tim
Sorry we missed your birthday
hope you had a great day out
lots of love from all of us over here in the west

Rosemary said...

Thanks for the picture Bec, the cake does look as delicious as you described it. Glad to hear that Tim had such a great day of fishing for his birthday. I just wish we had that much success when I went out fishing with him. *sigh* We didn't catch anything! (not even a cold) LOL