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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's all happening

Well the container came yesterday and the skip came this morning so we have no excuses left, we need to get frantically busy. My computer was the first one to get taken offline and ready to go into the container so I'm using Tim's computer, which meant I had to frantically search everything for my passwords. I have a hopeless memory and couldn't log into my emails or blog. But everything's okay now. I'm here letting you all know how we're doing.

Christian can't decide who his favourite is, The Wiggles or Thomas the Tank Engine. He loves both of them. We bought him a Wiggles guitar which plays bits of their songs and makes funny noises. He was playing with one at church and was really upset that he had to put it back in the cry room. While we don't automatically go out and buy any of our children everything their little hearts desire we did think it might make the transition down to Melbourne just that little bit easier for him. I also found Josiah plastic Thomas the Tank Engine and Percy and Christian is torn between playing with the guitar and the trains. We also bought him some new Thomas rain boots, so he can still play outside even when it's cold and wet.

Rose got some cute little pink baby volleys. It's really mild here and it's okay for Rose to get around in socks, but down there, in Victoria, it's too cold and she'll need more to keep her little feet warm and as KMart has a 20% of footware sale we thought these were too cute to pass up. I can't wait to dress her, this morning, and put them on her. Knowing babies they probably won't stay on long, or Christian will pull them off her feet, he pulls off her head bands and hats.

You'll notice that our weekly menu isn't that healthy or frugal this week. As we need to pack our kitchen up we won't be able to cook anything and on Thursday we'll still be driving down, we probably won't get there until 10 or 11pm, so the kid's get a rare treat of Macca's of KFC, or maybe even Hungry Jacks.

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