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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Morning Musings

It's been a while since I posted but we've been busy packing and the two littlies and myself have had a cold. Now Tim has it. We have just over 2 weeks before we are moving so things are happening fast around here. It's hard to believe that a month ago we hadn't seriously considered moving but in next to no time we will be. We've kind of had to bribe the kids with some pets and new bikes and things like that for them to be as excited as we are. Even though we've only been here for less that 18 months they've grown quite attached to the place. They haven't really made many friends so I would have thought they'd be happy to go back to their old friends, I know their friends and family down in Victoria are so excited for them to be back.

Kahlia decided to make some library bags to sell on the homeschool board for some pocket money and a kind lady has sent her some material to use. She was so excited that she wanted to start sewing straight away, but as I've already packed all my sewing gear she'll have to wait until after we've settled in to our new place. She made a great little one for Christian which I've put some books in for the the car ride down to Victoria.

Christian is right into Thomas the Tank Engine at the moment. He discovered a book first and absolutely loved it, so I found another book and he picked out the Thomas toys out of the toy box and as I was packing most of the videos I found a Thomas video. He's actually trying to say the names of the trains, which is an improvement, he doesn't normally try and say anything useful, it's always gibberish. For Christmas I'm going to try and buy him one of those tables and wooden train sets with some Thomas trains. We have one wooden Lady train somewhere and a figure 8 railroad but it'd be good to have a set place for it on a table. As his birthday is 2 days after Christmas I might buy lots of Thomas stuff for him and give him half for Christmas and half for his birthday. He's also getting into Dora the Explorer. I'm wondering if it'll be easier to teach him to speak Spanish rather than English at the rate he's going.

Kahlia finished netball on Saturday. The next 2 Saturdays there aren't any games on and the Saturday after that is the weekend we'll be moving and her team has a bye so we said goodbye to her teammates. I asked Kahlia if she wanted to go to practice one last time but she said 'no'. Now I'll have to find her a team to play in down in Victoria. I'm not really sporty so I don't know if netball is as big down there as it is here but I want to encourage her to continue. Daniel wants to play basketball and as Elijah was bugging me a couple of years ago to play basketball I'll have a look and see if I can find somewhere for them to play.

Dan's also suggested that we get a drum kit and put it in the garage. I have to laugh at his plans. But if it gets him excited about the move I'll let him dream. I'll look into it but I'm not promising anything. Tim had already lined some drum lessons up before we moved up here so I guess they're hoping to still be able to do that. I'm just looking forward to seeing my friends and Tim's family again.

Tim's brother's wife and kids came to visit us the day before yesterday and it was so great to see them. My little nephew has grown so much and we miss out on all that being so far away from everyone. Plus their girls are close to Kahlia's age and Kahlia really needs some friends that don't make her feel like crap, like her main 'friend' (and I use that term loosely) does. Since moving up here she has picked up a nervous cough and a funny way of making her teeth look like buck teeth. It's hard to see such changes happen and I hope that the move back helps her to get past these.


Rosemary said...

Hey Bec, I was just reading about the basketball and I remembered that Jayden plays basketball so maybe Sammy can put you onto the right people.

Becca said...

Cool, they'll be thrilled. I don't know if I'll ever have time for book work the rate they're planning stuff for us to do:)