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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Long Time No Blog

Just a quick blog to let you all know that we arrived in Victoria, safe and sound. We are currently staying with Tim's aunty and are looking for a place to live. Rose is commando crawling at six months and one week, she's so clever, and putting on the charm for all the family who hadn't met her before. It's Dan's birthday today and Josiah's next week. We're hoping to go rollerblading with some friends and family for their birthday's. Christian is still not talking properly, though he is attempting to say more words, even though we still can't understand him. We're taking him to the doctor on Thursday and will find out if he thinks Christian needs to see a specialist. It'll be good to see our family doctor again, it wasn't quite the same, going and seeing a different doctor in Newcastle. Sorry it's been so long between blogs, we don't have the internet on at Tim's aunties so I have to check my emails and everything else when I go over to Tim's mum and dad's house.

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