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Monday, July 7, 2008

Update on the move


Just wanted to update you all on our situation here. We are still moving but some of the circumstances with the move have changed. I'll start from the beginning....

Originally Tim's sister, Sam, rang with an idea to use our tax money to move back down, without removalists, Just Tim and his dad and a maybe a friend driving a few trucks down. We knew it would be too expensive but decided to look into it anyway so we had the facts when we spoke to her. We were right. It was going to cost us somewhere between $5000 and $6000 plus bond for another house. We just don't have that kind of money and the tax benefit wouldn't cover it either. We were resigned to staying and were about to sign a 12 month lease on this house. That day we had a phone call from a lady that we knew from church down in Victoria, who was giving Tim some web design work. She said that her and her husband had been removalists and could get a good deal on a truck and her husband would help us with the move. They used their contacts and found a truck for $1200. This truck was a lot smaller than the one that brought us up here so we needed to get rid of a lot of furniture, that we probably wouldn't have wanted to get rid of under other circumstances, but these people were also buying themselves new furniture and offered us their old stuff until we could buy our own new stuff. We were astounded and decided to take them up on their offer. We still needed to wait for tax time, but they came back with an offer to lend us the money so we could move down sooner and we could pay them back when our tax money came through. We were a bit unsure and said that we were happy to wait for tax time but they insisted. We organised with Tim's aunty for us to stay with her until we found a house. It's not an ideal situation as she lives in a 2 bedroom unit but she loves having us stay with her and she offered. But this couple from church told us that they wanted to buy a rental property and wanted us to live in it. It sounded perfect but we told them that we didn't expect them to do that. They insisted that they were being blessed by God and wanted to bless us.

The houses that they were looking at were very expensive and Tim let them know that we really couldn't afford any more than we were paying at this house. She said that they would never expect any more. Then they earned a windfall and were able to buy their house and a house for us to live in straight out. We got a phone call saying that they didn't want us to pay rent ever! Wow! And they wanted to put in a pool and a Macca's style playground! What a blessing, but they could afford it now, I guessed. Then a couple of days later they rang back and said that they would need to charge us some rent as the house was going under the business name, but it wouldn't be a lot. We could accept that, that was fair enough, as long as they realized we couldn't pay more that $350 a week. Yep, they said. Then the contracts were being signed and we were being told to hand in our notice on the house. We wanted to wait until everything was through as our whole housing situation was in their hands but under their urging we handed in our notice. We were now 100 per cent committed and had to move or we else we had nowhere to live. The next day we were asked to extend that notice buy 2 weeks just in case everything was not through.

Then a couple of days later we were told that they had to talk to someone who had concerns about their dealings, these people were trying to 'bless' quite a few people and going overboard. They had a meeting with the church leaders as what they were doing was affecting the leadership and they were told to put everything on hold. They rang us and wrongly said they'd had their meeting and couldn't help us at all. You can imagine our surprise as this whole move was happening because of them and we'd made decisions that we normally wouldn't have made under their urging. Tim's dad said they were having another meeting and hopefully this would all be sorted out, although he wouldn't be in this one.

Last night we had another phone call. They could help us move but only after the 19th of July, as we have to hand in our keys on the 21st and have already organised for the cleaners to come in on the 19th that's not going to work for us as our stuff has to be out of here. That means we have to hire a truck that we can drive and take our gear to storage and then have nowhere to sleep while waiting for them to get here. Also, as they're going to hire the truck from Victoria, it's going to be more expensive and her husband will need to charge us for his help now. They would still lend us the money to move and we would need to pay them back at $100 a week, rather that waiting for tax time. Regarding the house, they would still rent it to us at $300 a week on a 3 month lease, after that if we still wanted to stay we would have to pay $550 a week, plus the $100 for the move that comes to $650 a week. That's almost double what we are paying now!

Also they were not going to give Tim the web design work that they had promised, so how we are meant to pay any rent I don't know! Anyway we are still planning on moving but without their help. These people change their minds like they change underwear so we've decided not to have anything else to do with them. Tim won't even bill them for the time already spent on one website, he just won't give it to them. We're thinking of moving our stuff to storage and buying a trailer to take what we really need down. Tim's aunty's offer is still there. We are good tenants so are hoping that it won't take too long to find a house to live in, we'll see anyway.

Yes I am still angry with these people, but what goes around comes around and they'll need to sleep at night with their actions, I can rest easily with mine. We believe that everything will turn out alright in the end, they've just forced us to do something we wanted to do, before we wanted to do it, that's all.


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