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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Trying to find a house

Hi all,

Still busy looking at houses. The houses that we were looking at were just too small so we up the price we're expecting to pay for a rental and have a whole heap to see this weekend. There are a couple of real estates in Frankston that do the old fashion thing and let you pick the keys up for a $50 deposit and go and look at the house so we're hoping to do that this afternoon as well as drop of an application. We looked at a place on Tuesday, it wasn't finished but looked so nice and the rumpus room had doors so Tim suggested that if we get that place we put the boys in the rumpus room and one of the bedrooms can be his office.

Rose is commando crawling, I can't remember if I already blogged about that. She's 6 and a half months and getting around really well. She's also eating breakfast of rice cereal and pureed fruit now and I need to start her on dinner this week I think, because she wants to be fed all the time lately.

It was Josiah's birthday yesterday and Daniels last Tuesday, so we went to a skating rink and the kids went rollerblading and we has some friends and family come and join us. Josiah said that it was the best birtday party ever and I think Daniel had the same sentiments. That the kind of birthday I want to do from now on, even if we only do it as a family. I'd like to take them paintballing or go-carting. Something that we can all do together (except that I miss out because I'm looking after the babies). Daniel is really zippy on his rollerblades. I'd love to buy him his own pair. At the moment we only have 2 pairs that they have to share between them. Christian wanted to get in on the action but he's too little. I might look into getting him a baby pair that fits over his shoes. I'd love to go rollerblading myself. I have skated since I was a teenager and I'd love to get active with the kids, also I want a bike and one of those little trailers that you put the littlies in, that way we can go bike riding to the park or something.