A wife of noble character who can find?...She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue...Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her. Proverbs 31:10, 26 & 28

Sunday, September 14, 2008


We're still looking for a house. I went to 3 house inspections yesterday and all three were fine, so we need to put in the applications. We're going to write an introduction letter to go in with our applications and hopefully we'll get a house soon.

Christian has asthma again. In the 18 months that we were up in NSW he got it twice when we came down to Victoria for holidays and once otherwise. In the 10 weeks we've been here he's gotten it three times. 

The kids aren't happy with me because I'm starting some school work again, just when it's almost school holidays here, and just when we're about to buy them a Wii. They know they won't be able to spend all day on the Wii like they want to. They're starting to develop square eyes from all the tv they watch, or should I say DVD's.

Rose is a little cutie pie. She has curls on the top and sides of her head. Tim says that she needs a little yam aka? Sorry, I don't know how to spell it, but she looks like a little Rabbi, with ringlets down the sides of her head. I've bought a packet of little tiny hair elastics and sometimes put her hair up into little piggie tails. She has such a round face and most of the time she reminds me of Elijah, yet I can also see Kahlia and Josiah in her.

Aunty Lesley had the concreters come last week and make paths in the backyard so we can now hang our washing outside to dry, rather than using the clothes airer or the laundromat, and the kids can go out the back. I don't like them going on the dirt because of all the dog poo, but they can ride on the path.

The kids all had their hair cut at a special pamper day, at the neighbourhood centre, on Friday. Josiah didn't want his hair cut at all but I said that he needed it tidied up a bit, he didn't have to have much length off it, and Christian looks so grown up. He's starting to talk a little bit better, we're starting to be able to understand some words at long last. He's still into Thomas, we got out some of Aunty Lesley's toys last week and found her Thomas train and Annie and Claribel and he played with them and his Percy for around an hour.

When I went to look at the houses yesterday I took Rose, Christian and Daniel and on the way home we stopped at Hungry Jacks for a play and an ice cream. I was feeding Rose some of my ice cream and when I go down to the cone she got impatient with me and grabbed it out of my hand. When I took it off her she cracked it with me so I sucked the rest of the ice cream out and she demolished off the cone. I also gave her some homemade yoghurt this morning. She loves her food and is wanting more and more. It doesn't seem to matter what I give her, she just wants food.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kahlia's Stick Insect

One of Kahlia's stick insect eggs finally hatched, almost one year after I bought them. I got seven stick insect eggs off ebay for Kahlia for her 9th birthday, last year. I'd given up hope that they'd hatch, but being the hoarder I am we kept them, plus I'd read that they can take a while to hatch, but we were surprised last week that one had actually hatched. She's called it Kimberley. It's so cute and only just over 1cm long. We keep it in a big jar, with air holes in the lid, every second day go and pick some eucalyptus leaves for it.

Our housing situation hasn't changed, we're still living with Tim's aunty, in her 2 bedroom unit. We've had a break from looking at houses, the last 2 weeks because I got really sick with some tummy bug and then the kids passed their colds on to me. I'm still fighting off the cold, but I'm starting to feel able to get back into the swing of things again. We're hoping that it won't take too much longer to get a place of our own.