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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kahlia's Stick Insect

One of Kahlia's stick insect eggs finally hatched, almost one year after I bought them. I got seven stick insect eggs off ebay for Kahlia for her 9th birthday, last year. I'd given up hope that they'd hatch, but being the hoarder I am we kept them, plus I'd read that they can take a while to hatch, but we were surprised last week that one had actually hatched. She's called it Kimberley. It's so cute and only just over 1cm long. We keep it in a big jar, with air holes in the lid, every second day go and pick some eucalyptus leaves for it.

Our housing situation hasn't changed, we're still living with Tim's aunty, in her 2 bedroom unit. We've had a break from looking at houses, the last 2 weeks because I got really sick with some tummy bug and then the kids passed their colds on to me. I'm still fighting off the cold, but I'm starting to feel able to get back into the swing of things again. We're hoping that it won't take too much longer to get a place of our own.

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myheartsathome said...

So great to see an update from you! Have been checking in regularly to what's happening. I will pray suitable housing comes up for you soon, I can't imagine it is easy right now juggling your family in small spaces! I guess you can really feel like Ma Ingalls from LHOP!

My blog about says it all, really. We are happy here, just a bit stressed with all that is going wrong right now, but none of it is major, just annoying!