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Saturday, October 11, 2008

We're In!

Well we're in at last and slept here last night. It was sooooo nice sleeping in a real bed and the bed we got off Matt and Meri is sooo much better than our old bed. I didn't want to get up this morning, I felt like I was in heaven. There is a spa bath in the main bathroom and almost all the kids had to have a bath last night, even though it was 10 at night and they knew they couldn't put the bubbles on. I took photos and will post them as soon as I figure out how to transfer them directly from the card to Tim's laptop. The container, with our stuff,  cost us more than we expected so we won't have proper internet for a couple of weeks, just Tim's wireless broadband, on his laptop. The phone gets connected on Tuesday afternoon. Yesterday was practically a full day in the car, getting here at 8 in the morning to wait for the container, unpacking that and then going and picking Tim's dads car up and then the trailer and then the bed, then bringing the bed here, having lunch at some stage during that run then taking the trailer and car back, going to Aunty Lesley's for our bedding and some clothes and food, picking up dinner (Krispy Kremes, how healthy) and finally getting home at about quarter to 10. We didn't even have time to set the kids beds up, they slept on mattresses. But at least they slept in their new home, which they've been begging for since the beginning of the week, even though we hadn't signed the lease and didn't have the keys. they're busy setting up the Wii at the moment, and arguing who gets first go. But as they're dressed and had breakfast I don't mind.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting Ready

The lease gets signed on Thursday morning. It's still hard to believe that we've finally gotten a house and sometimes I feel like it might be snatched away from us like the house we were originally supposed to move into. But we met with the agent yesterday, to get a letter for the Dept. of Human Services, and she seemed really nice. The leases are almost finished being drawn up and so we can move in as soon as we have the money from the housing department and WAYSS, although it will take 3 days to get our storage container and we won't be able to pay for that until Thursday. It was funny, yesterday, the kids were begging for us to move in there as soon as possible, even without the container, and I kept coming up with reasons why we couldn't, such as not having any plates to eat from, and they kept coming up with alternatives, like eating from paper plates, until I mentioned that we didn't have a TV with us. That stopped them, imagine being without a TV for a few days, they wouldn't know what to do with themselves, actually it would probably be a good experience for them.

Other good news is that the car gets registered today, exactly 3 mths overdue. If it was tomorrow we'd have to get a roadworthy and pay extra, but this was the earliest appointment I could get, when I finally rang. I was so relieved that it was within the 3 months. We did go in to Vic Roads earlier to get the car registered, and after waiting a really long time we found out that we needed to make an appointment. When Tim rang to make an appointment he listened to the recorded message that said we needed to pay an appointment fee and we didn't have any money in the bank at the time. Well I finally rang and it turned out that we didn't need to pay an appointment fee for that particular appointment (but fancy charging one for any appointment). It will be a load off our minds, not driving an unregistered car.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

At last a Home!

Yesterday we found out that our application for a house has been approved. It is a five bedroom house about half an hour away from where we are now. It's in a new estate but there's a park around the corner for the kids to go and play at. We'll be moving in on Thursday, it looks like, so I'll take photos then and upload them for everyone to see. We took the kids out there last night to have a look at. It has wooden venetian blinds, so no verticals, yay! They were shut so we couldn't look in the window and the yard really is enclosed with the garage going all the way to the fence and a small fence on the other side so we couldn't go into the back. They've put in a cute little cottagey garden out the front. There's not a lot of front yard, but that doesn't bother me, it means they've put the house further forward on the block so we have some back yard. That also means that we'll have room for the trampoline that my mum and dad are buying the family for Christmas this year.

I am not very organised for Christmas, because of the whole housing and income situation, but Kmart has a sale on and I laybyed a trampoline for the whole family, one with the mesh around it, and also a scooter for Daniel and a bike for Kahlia, plus I will be getting a bike, hopefully, I put a trailer on layby, one that you can put two children in. I plan on getting a little bit fitter next year and would like for us, as a family, to go bike riding together. It's getting harder and harder to know what to get the kids for Christmas. I don't like getting them random toys, because they get played with for a few weeks and then the kids forget about them. I'm thinking of getting Josiah and Elijah a Nintendo DS each and they can give their gameboys to Kahlia and Christian. It just depends how things go over the next couple of weeks, DS's are a bit expensive, and I still haven't even thought of Rose. Christian's covered, both for Christmas and his birthday, 2 days later. He's still Thomas mad so I've got him lots of Thomas stuff.

I was starting to think we'd still be here for Christmas. I'll be so good to have it in our new house.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

At least there's some good news...

Finally Tim's austudy has come through so we are all set to move into a house and not worry too much about money. I guess the only good thing about not having a house now is that with each pay I might be able to buy a little bit of furniture to make up all the furniture I gave away. Scrap that, I'll have to lay by it as there's no room here and I don't know anyone with the room to store anything. We now have applications for 10 houses in the works and tomorrow I'll fax off another 3 more and go and see another 3 houses. I've driven nearly 200 km since yesterday morning.

And the rejections start rolling in again.

I'm back to looking at houses in full swing again and first thing yesterday morning had applications for 8 houses in the works. By lunch time we had 2 rejections. I hate how they don't give you any explanation, they just say that you weren't successful. There is one nice real estate agent who is rang us to let us know we weren't forgotten and that we were in the running for the house we'd applied for, she even told us that our references from our previous real estate agents weren't that great, which was news to us, we were told that they were. But apparently our houses we live in are a little untidy, which is no news to me but how I keep my house is no business of theirs. Their investment property is clean and well kept and is left in excellent order, that's what should be important. It's because nobody lives in their homes anymore. Both parents go out to work and the kids get stuck in day care, so they're only there to sleep and possible to spend weekends at home. So these young people expect these houses to be kept like display homes and I'm not into that. I like what the mum says in the movie 'Yours, mine and ours': "Homes are for free expression, not for good impressions." I don't really live that quote completely but I don't believe it's healthy for a mum to be so focused on having the house so tidy that the kids don't feel they can do anything. We do need order to have everything running smooth but I like the fact that my daughter can just get her artwork out to do whenever she wants and that the kids can cook cakes when they feel like it. Another point is that the timing of the real estates inspections was fabulous. The 3rd of January this year, straight after Christmas and New Year, plus I was about to pop with Rose, she was born on the 19th January. And then the next one was only a couple of months later. I wore myself out getting the house spotless and the the girl goes and leaves the real estate without filling out a report for the owner so they had to come out less that 2 weeks later. I had a new baby and had worn myself out already for the inspection, so I didn't get the place as tidy, because as I said before, the house was in order, walls were clean and floors were clean, gardens were done, it shouldn't matter to them if I hadn't folded my washing or made the kids beds.

The house that has the nice agent is a 5 bedroom one out in Pakenham. It's really nice and new, not that new really matters to me, but it has some semblance of a backyard and most houses out there don't. They've got these large houses on these small blocks, as I said, nobody lives in their homes so they don't need a yard. But this house has a yard that I can accept and it's under $350 a week. There's also another place out at Monbulk. This one is an older house but has a rumpus room that I can put all the boys in and Tim can have the smallest bedroom as his study and I can have a sewing room. It even has lots of fruit trees and grape vines out the back. It's only $300 a week. It's a bit further out than I really wanted but it's got everything that I want in a house so I can cope with that.

On another front, Christian has asthma yet again. This is the 4th or 5th time since we've been down here. Rose has a cough too, but she doesn't get asthma so it's not so worrying. Kahlia had a great birthday and loved the Hannah Montana roller blades, pads and helmet we bought her and has been using them everyday. Her stick insect died and she was really upset but I think she's too busy to think of it now, with her roller blades.

Well I'm back to bed. It's 5:30 in the morning and I need to be out of here by 8:30 to go and see a house. Hopefully I will get back to sleep. It will be such a relief to be able to sleep properly again, in our own house. Thanks everyone who's praying for us, I know God has it in His hands and we'll get the right house...hopefully soon.