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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And the rejections start rolling in again.

I'm back to looking at houses in full swing again and first thing yesterday morning had applications for 8 houses in the works. By lunch time we had 2 rejections. I hate how they don't give you any explanation, they just say that you weren't successful. There is one nice real estate agent who is rang us to let us know we weren't forgotten and that we were in the running for the house we'd applied for, she even told us that our references from our previous real estate agents weren't that great, which was news to us, we were told that they were. But apparently our houses we live in are a little untidy, which is no news to me but how I keep my house is no business of theirs. Their investment property is clean and well kept and is left in excellent order, that's what should be important. It's because nobody lives in their homes anymore. Both parents go out to work and the kids get stuck in day care, so they're only there to sleep and possible to spend weekends at home. So these young people expect these houses to be kept like display homes and I'm not into that. I like what the mum says in the movie 'Yours, mine and ours': "Homes are for free expression, not for good impressions." I don't really live that quote completely but I don't believe it's healthy for a mum to be so focused on having the house so tidy that the kids don't feel they can do anything. We do need order to have everything running smooth but I like the fact that my daughter can just get her artwork out to do whenever she wants and that the kids can cook cakes when they feel like it. Another point is that the timing of the real estates inspections was fabulous. The 3rd of January this year, straight after Christmas and New Year, plus I was about to pop with Rose, she was born on the 19th January. And then the next one was only a couple of months later. I wore myself out getting the house spotless and the the girl goes and leaves the real estate without filling out a report for the owner so they had to come out less that 2 weeks later. I had a new baby and had worn myself out already for the inspection, so I didn't get the place as tidy, because as I said before, the house was in order, walls were clean and floors were clean, gardens were done, it shouldn't matter to them if I hadn't folded my washing or made the kids beds.

The house that has the nice agent is a 5 bedroom one out in Pakenham. It's really nice and new, not that new really matters to me, but it has some semblance of a backyard and most houses out there don't. They've got these large houses on these small blocks, as I said, nobody lives in their homes so they don't need a yard. But this house has a yard that I can accept and it's under $350 a week. There's also another place out at Monbulk. This one is an older house but has a rumpus room that I can put all the boys in and Tim can have the smallest bedroom as his study and I can have a sewing room. It even has lots of fruit trees and grape vines out the back. It's only $300 a week. It's a bit further out than I really wanted but it's got everything that I want in a house so I can cope with that.

On another front, Christian has asthma yet again. This is the 4th or 5th time since we've been down here. Rose has a cough too, but she doesn't get asthma so it's not so worrying. Kahlia had a great birthday and loved the Hannah Montana roller blades, pads and helmet we bought her and has been using them everyday. Her stick insect died and she was really upset but I think she's too busy to think of it now, with her roller blades.

Well I'm back to bed. It's 5:30 in the morning and I need to be out of here by 8:30 to go and see a house. Hopefully I will get back to sleep. It will be such a relief to be able to sleep properly again, in our own house. Thanks everyone who's praying for us, I know God has it in His hands and we'll get the right house...hopefully soon.


Home Educator's Helper said...

Hey Bec

Sorry you are having so much trouble finding a place. The best I can suggest is to put the word out amongst your church, friends, other home schoolers etc. That sucks about the real estate!

I'll be sure to pray.


Timbothecat said...

Hi Mel.

Unfortunately it was church friends that got us into the situation we're currently in. I'm not sure we could live with too much more of that kind of "help" quite frankly. As long as we're putting in plenty of applications we'll get something eventually.

All the best,