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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting Ready

The lease gets signed on Thursday morning. It's still hard to believe that we've finally gotten a house and sometimes I feel like it might be snatched away from us like the house we were originally supposed to move into. But we met with the agent yesterday, to get a letter for the Dept. of Human Services, and she seemed really nice. The leases are almost finished being drawn up and so we can move in as soon as we have the money from the housing department and WAYSS, although it will take 3 days to get our storage container and we won't be able to pay for that until Thursday. It was funny, yesterday, the kids were begging for us to move in there as soon as possible, even without the container, and I kept coming up with reasons why we couldn't, such as not having any plates to eat from, and they kept coming up with alternatives, like eating from paper plates, until I mentioned that we didn't have a TV with us. That stopped them, imagine being without a TV for a few days, they wouldn't know what to do with themselves, actually it would probably be a good experience for them.

Other good news is that the car gets registered today, exactly 3 mths overdue. If it was tomorrow we'd have to get a roadworthy and pay extra, but this was the earliest appointment I could get, when I finally rang. I was so relieved that it was within the 3 months. We did go in to Vic Roads earlier to get the car registered, and after waiting a really long time we found out that we needed to make an appointment. When Tim rang to make an appointment he listened to the recorded message that said we needed to pay an appointment fee and we didn't have any money in the bank at the time. Well I finally rang and it turned out that we didn't need to pay an appointment fee for that particular appointment (but fancy charging one for any appointment). It will be a load off our minds, not driving an unregistered car.

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myheartsathome said...

Hey Bec

So glad that things are finally coming together for you!!!

I have a firm belief that everything works out in the end... especially for those who love the Lord!