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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Still Here

Wow! I can't believe it's been so long since I've written on my blog, and Christmas is almost here. I apologise for neglecting my blog and not uploading any photos recently, we can get the internet in this house, would you believe it? Telstra hasn't accommodated for the fast rate of growth in the area and the exchange is full. So we are stuck with Tim's wireless internet with it's minuscule 5 gig download and upload limit.

We are doing so well here. Christian's speech is coming along in leaps and bounds, he's still about 9-12 months behind, but be have an appointment with a paediatrician next month. He's so cute! He's finally pointing to body parts when we ask him where they are and he's trying to say his siblings names.

Daniel and Kahlia have started having tennis lessons. When we were looking for a place to live we looked at one house with a tennis court and Daniel expressed an interest in playing tennis. He was so excited about the possibility of living in a house with a tennis court, but unfortunately the house wasn't right for us, but he was still really eager to play so we looked into tennis lessons and now those two have had about 4 lessons and they still love it. They want their own rackets for Christmas and every time we go into the sports shop they show me which one's they want.

Elijah is playing cricket for the Pakenham Cricket Club and finally got a bat last night. He stayed in for 15 of the 40 overs and got 2 runs. I was very proud of him for not getting out easily. He needs a bit more confidence, though, to take the shots.

Rose is walking around the furniture and starting to let go and stand on her own. She claps her hands and  blows raspberries and has starting clicking her tongue this week. She's still a little cutie and sneaks outside whenever one of the other kids doesn't shut the door properly so we have to keep an eye on her. I went out for a little bit last week and when I came home Tim had just found her in the bathroom soaking wet, someone had spilled water all  over the floor and she had a great time playing in it. She also does the actions for Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. She still doesn't have any teeth so I'm thinking of taking bets on whether she's going to get any before her first birthday.

Well that's most of the catch up. I'll be trying to post more often, though I always feel guilty using any of the precious download and upload limit.


Glenys said...

Hi Becca, we used to live in Pakenham! I have grandchildren there still. I wonder where do you worship? I am looking for a new church.


Becca said...

Hi Glenys,

We don't go to church in Pakenham, we go all the way to Rowville.