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Monday, December 29, 2008

A rare view

This photo was taken the Saturday before Christmas and is one of the rare photos I like of myself. Rose is absolutely gorgeous and is nearly walking on her own, she holds on very lightly. Tim just downloaded Picasa and I've downloaded this photo straight from Picasa to my blog. That is so cool! I've spent the day making Rose's First Birthday Party invitations, using Microsoft Publisher and then Windows Photo Gallery. I had some trouble doing exactly what I wanted to do with it, but thankfully Tim's mum has more experience with Publisher and so together we figured out how to get what I want done. Then when I wanted to print it up we had more difficulties so that's when Tim decided to download Picasa and I was able to print them straight away. There's good news on the internet front, we are finally able to get the internet put on in the house so soon I won't have to worry about the pitiful amount of upload and download limit that we have on the wireless broadband, and the kids can do their stuff that they've been missing out on too.
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Timbothecat said...

Hubba hubba...

Who's the hot chick?

The Vintage Rose said...

So gorgeous! Who would think this sweet mumma has 6 chillibeans? and how sweet is Rose? 'Gamma' R.H. is so proud! Aunty'nameless'D is so glad to catch up with you all!