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Monday, January 12, 2009

Homemade Bear

The Vintage Rose made a comment about wishing the icing bears were material so they wouldn't be eaten which made me think about the bear I sewed myself. So I'm posting a couple of pictures of him. I call him a he because even though he is pink he still looks like a boy. I hand sewed him quite a few years ago. I really wanted the experience of making my own bear but didn't have a sewing machine at the time. He turned out pretty well, I think, except for his hunched back. I also like embroidering flowers so I embroidered some flowers with a little bible reference on his foot. The poor thing is a little worse for wear now because at one stage I let the kids play with him for a while. I don't know that I'll be doing that again, unless I make a bear specifically for them to play with. I haven't made any other bears since, or should I say I haven't completed any, as I have two cut out. One the same as my one, I used pink dressing gown material, with the inside out, and the other out of calico which I had started embroidering flowers on each panel. I have two sewing machines now so I really should finish making those two, the problem is that I borrowed the book from my mother in law and now I don't remember what the bears name was so I don't have the exact instructions of how to put him together. Oh, well. That's what I get for only doing half a job.

Friday, January 9, 2009

More Bears

My bears are getting cuter. I only have one more to do now. The one on the back left is my first practice bear. I'm not going to use him on Roses cake. The third bear is my second attempt and he looks pretty cute. I call them he's now but they will be little girl ones with a pretty pink flower on their heads, next to an ear. The second and fourth bears are the two that I made last night while I was cooking dinner and they are just too cute! It's going to be a shame to eat them. It's just like using playdough or plasticine. I've been searching the web for some more ideas like this. Elijah's birthday is next and I asked him what he wanted for his cake. He said he just wanted a cake with those edible pictures on it. How boring. He's turning 12 so I might try and make something from Futurama, maybe Bender's head. Tim's sister has some little flower cutters that I can borrow to make the flowers for the bears heads. And also imagine them holding a little white square each with a letter of Rose's name in pink. The marble sitting on the chopping board is there because I was using it to make a bigger flower stay curved but the flower stuck to the marble and broke when I tried to take it off. Tim's sister also said she had something I could use to make these flowers. If I'm going to keep making cakes like these I'm going to need my own tools soon. It's less than a week and a half until her birthday party so I'm going to have to sit down and write a list of food I need to make. Chocolate balls are a huge hit. I made a double batch for Christian's birthday and they went so fast, I think I'll make a triple batch because I'll have more people. I've been wanting to make marshmallows for a couple of weeks now so I might wait and make them for the party. We'll also be having a bbq dinner so I'll need to make salads a well and maybe a potato bake or two. I need to start back at posting our weekly menus and include the occasional recipe. I promised a friend up in Newcastle that I would put together something with all our 'frugal' recipes for her and I still haven't done that. Last week I picked up four huge marinated chickens from Aldi for just $5.50 each so we are having a lot of chicken this week. The chickens are so big that we fed 8 kids and 2 adults last night, we have 2 of my nephews staying over. We had a roast chicken last night and today I'm cooking another to make chicken pies.
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Birthday Cakes

We finally had Christian's birthday yesterday. It is actually on the 27th of December but being too close to Christmas and then we were all throwing up the week after Christmas we had to have it late. The poor little kid didn't know what was going on when he started getting all these presents and then was so thrilled when we started singing happy birthday to him and he got to blow out the candle. I think Tim blew out the candle though because Christian was blowing so softly. Everything he got for his birthday was to do with Thomas the Tank Engine and trains, except for a bag of megablocks we got him. We also bought him a little storage thing for his trains and it's already overflowing.

I made a train cake for him, which everyone loved, but I wasn't really happy with it. Tim's sister gave me some tips next time I make a cake with buttercream icing. But at least Christian recognised that it was a train and started making train sounds.
Next on the list of Birthdays is Roses and I want to do something special for her 1st birthday so I spent some time this afternoon practicing making a teddy bear out of fondant. I still think I need to work on making some more but for a first go I'm quite proud of it. I want to have her birthday cake covered in pink fondant icing and have four little teddy bears on top. We'll see anyway how much patience I have. It's hard to spend time doing these things with a baby hanging off your legs and a three year old wanting to taste test everything.