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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gardening in my new home

We've now been in this house for about 5 months and it's time I started thinking about growing our own fruit and vegetables. Moving interstate we had to leave everything up in NSW, my 2 apple trees, passion fruit vine, lemon tree, vegetable garden bed, herbs and strawberries, so now I have to start from scratch....again. The garden here is very lovely with some standard ornamental trees in the front garden as well as some rockery kind of plants and azaleas in the back yard but being a brand new home there isn't any garden to grow fruit and veggies.

What's spurred me on this train of thought is a tomato plant has popped up in my front garden all on it's own. I know that it probably won't taste very nice but I've left it there as a reminder of my goals that have been put on the back burner for the last eight months. When we first moved up to NSW I gave my sister in law my 3 large pots and now that they've moved to a house with barely a back yard she's given them back to me so at least I have somewhere to start, and when I went to the fruit and veggie shop a couple of weeks back I picked up a styrofoam container which will be great too. I'm thinking of putting some strawberries as a ground cover with the azaleas and some rosemary bushes in the bare garden down beside the driveway. I suggested to Tim that we put a lemon tree there, as I'd seen some other people do that, but he was against it, saying that people would steal the fruit off it.

I would like to get permission from the owners to put in a vegetable garden, like I did up in NSW, but I will probably wait at least until the next inspection. Now all I need to do is find my gardening tools, which are missing, and my gardening book that lets me know what time off year to plant which seeds. 

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Internet

We now have the internet connected in our house so no more watching the meter, making sure we don't go over our measly 5 gig limit. It's so exciting. I'll be able to blog more and upload more pics and just do so much more. I don't really watch stuff on you tube much but  boy you miss it when you can't use it at all. Now I just need a new computer for myself...maybe later. I don't know what our limit is with this plan but after one day we've already used 5 percent of it downloading stuff, and at least if we go over with this plan they just slow it down, we don't have to pay through the nose for the extra we use. Yay for Internode!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Homeschool and the New Year

Well schools been back for a couple of weeks now and we should all be settling into our routines. This year the kids and I sat down and set some goals for the coming year. I had a hard time getting anything from Elijah, he seems to just go along with what everyone else says and likes what they like, Daniel told me he wanted to go back to school so I didn't expect any input from him, but then Tim went to have a talk to him and he said that he forgot to tell me he changed his mind. So most of the input was from Josiah and Kahlia, and here's what was decided;
*visit the park more - once a week pick a park to go to.
*Josiah wants to learn about animals
-set up volunteer work
-Josiah needs to finish the zoology book
-get the next zoology book
*work on Josiah's resume for a job.
*finish the astronomy book
*start journals
*continue with Math u See and Mammoth Math (Josiah and Elijah to finish their books by the end of the term).
*Look for other English curriculum (found Writing Strands).
*Josiah start some Shakespeare
*Kahlia wants to learn to make a gingerbread house.
*Elijah wants to make more dinners and so does Josiah.
*go to the pool more often (Children have started swimming lessons and we stay and play afterwards).
*get dad to organise drum lessons.
*continue tennis lessons.
*continue with cricket - get dad to take boys to nets more often.
*look into archery lessons.
*learn some woodworking and metalwork.

I thought this was a good start. We still aren't into the full swing of bookwork but I'm happy with the progress that's being made on what is being done.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Birthday Cake

Just a quick post before I go and get the house ready for visitors. I have finished my birthday cake and I love it. I have to say that I did a good job for my first cake with my own flowers. The flowers took ages, I started before Rose's birthday, which is almost a month ago. The cake itself didn't take that long, I made the cake on the weekend and froze it until yesterday, when I iced it. I'm still getting use to the roll out icing and I rolled it out too thin so it dried out too quickly and broke when I lifted it onto the cake but that's what learning's all about. I find that my marble lazy susan is coming in so handy now, when I hardly ever used it before.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rose's birthday cake

I finally have some decent pictures of Rose's birthday cake that I can post. It was a really nice bbq that we had and I was surprised at how easily we fit nearly 40 people, including kids, into our house. It helped that the weather was great and not too hot and not rainy, so most people, especially the kids, stayed outside. Rose started walking properly a couple of days before her birthday, I knew she would, she's been ready to walk for a while now. Now she hardly crawls. She's soooo cute and little you just want to scoop her up and cover her in kisses (which I regularly do).
The cake turned out great and tasted good too. I wanted to do a caramel mud cake but the shop didn't have any so it ended up being white chocolate mud cake. I used 2 cake mixes. For the tin I used I think next time I'd use three. One packet of  icing was just enough to do that cake and no more so for my 2 tiered cake I'll need 2 packets.
 My cake looked almost as good as the $240 cake I copied it from, I was so proud of it. Yet another cake that I didn't want to cut. I also learned that that size cake was just enough for the amount of people we had over so if we ever have more over then the cake will need to  be larger.
Now that Rose's birthday is over and done with I'm back to working on my cake. I will be making my first ever two tiered cake and I've been making lots of white sugar flowers. I haven't decided what colour to make the icing as I haven't any money left to go and buy more special food colouring. I have red and baby pink proper food colouring. I know I don't want a real red cake but I don't think I want a baby pink cake, like Rose had. I might use the ordinary food colourings I have to make purple or yellow, we'll see. My sugar flowers are getting better. I bought myself a cake decorating book from Big W so I have something there right in front of me to copy from, not just my memory from my web browsing.