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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gardening in my new home

We've now been in this house for about 5 months and it's time I started thinking about growing our own fruit and vegetables. Moving interstate we had to leave everything up in NSW, my 2 apple trees, passion fruit vine, lemon tree, vegetable garden bed, herbs and strawberries, so now I have to start from scratch....again. The garden here is very lovely with some standard ornamental trees in the front garden as well as some rockery kind of plants and azaleas in the back yard but being a brand new home there isn't any garden to grow fruit and veggies.

What's spurred me on this train of thought is a tomato plant has popped up in my front garden all on it's own. I know that it probably won't taste very nice but I've left it there as a reminder of my goals that have been put on the back burner for the last eight months. When we first moved up to NSW I gave my sister in law my 3 large pots and now that they've moved to a house with barely a back yard she's given them back to me so at least I have somewhere to start, and when I went to the fruit and veggie shop a couple of weeks back I picked up a styrofoam container which will be great too. I'm thinking of putting some strawberries as a ground cover with the azaleas and some rosemary bushes in the bare garden down beside the driveway. I suggested to Tim that we put a lemon tree there, as I'd seen some other people do that, but he was against it, saying that people would steal the fruit off it.

I would like to get permission from the owners to put in a vegetable garden, like I did up in NSW, but I will probably wait at least until the next inspection. Now all I need to do is find my gardening tools, which are missing, and my gardening book that lets me know what time off year to plant which seeds. 

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The Vintage Rose said...

We want to put in some vege gardens too, but need to build some possum proof cages, as they ate our tomatoes last time.