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Friday, February 20, 2009

Homeschool and the New Year

Well schools been back for a couple of weeks now and we should all be settling into our routines. This year the kids and I sat down and set some goals for the coming year. I had a hard time getting anything from Elijah, he seems to just go along with what everyone else says and likes what they like, Daniel told me he wanted to go back to school so I didn't expect any input from him, but then Tim went to have a talk to him and he said that he forgot to tell me he changed his mind. So most of the input was from Josiah and Kahlia, and here's what was decided;
*visit the park more - once a week pick a park to go to.
*Josiah wants to learn about animals
-set up volunteer work
-Josiah needs to finish the zoology book
-get the next zoology book
*work on Josiah's resume for a job.
*finish the astronomy book
*start journals
*continue with Math u See and Mammoth Math (Josiah and Elijah to finish their books by the end of the term).
*Look for other English curriculum (found Writing Strands).
*Josiah start some Shakespeare
*Kahlia wants to learn to make a gingerbread house.
*Elijah wants to make more dinners and so does Josiah.
*go to the pool more often (Children have started swimming lessons and we stay and play afterwards).
*get dad to organise drum lessons.
*continue tennis lessons.
*continue with cricket - get dad to take boys to nets more often.
*look into archery lessons.
*learn some woodworking and metalwork.

I thought this was a good start. We still aren't into the full swing of bookwork but I'm happy with the progress that's being made on what is being done.


The Vintage Rose said...

How wonderful that the children get to input what they want to learn!

Becca said...

Yes, it is wonderful and we've started off the year very well. Our highlight of the week, at the moment, is swimming.