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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rose's birthday cake

I finally have some decent pictures of Rose's birthday cake that I can post. It was a really nice bbq that we had and I was surprised at how easily we fit nearly 40 people, including kids, into our house. It helped that the weather was great and not too hot and not rainy, so most people, especially the kids, stayed outside. Rose started walking properly a couple of days before her birthday, I knew she would, she's been ready to walk for a while now. Now she hardly crawls. She's soooo cute and little you just want to scoop her up and cover her in kisses (which I regularly do).
The cake turned out great and tasted good too. I wanted to do a caramel mud cake but the shop didn't have any so it ended up being white chocolate mud cake. I used 2 cake mixes. For the tin I used I think next time I'd use three. One packet of  icing was just enough to do that cake and no more so for my 2 tiered cake I'll need 2 packets.
 My cake looked almost as good as the $240 cake I copied it from, I was so proud of it. Yet another cake that I didn't want to cut. I also learned that that size cake was just enough for the amount of people we had over so if we ever have more over then the cake will need to  be larger.
Now that Rose's birthday is over and done with I'm back to working on my cake. I will be making my first ever two tiered cake and I've been making lots of white sugar flowers. I haven't decided what colour to make the icing as I haven't any money left to go and buy more special food colouring. I have red and baby pink proper food colouring. I know I don't want a real red cake but I don't think I want a baby pink cake, like Rose had. I might use the ordinary food colourings I have to make purple or yellow, we'll see. My sugar flowers are getting better. I bought myself a cake decorating book from Big W so I have something there right in front of me to copy from, not just my memory from my web browsing.


Lyn said...

Lovely cake, Becca!

Timbothecat said...

Why not use the baby pink colouring and just add a dash or two of red to make it darker? Just a thought.

The Vintage Rose said...

The cake turned out well. For the pale purple hearts on the cake I made, I used Queen's food colouring -2 drops of red to one of blue mixed on a plate then worked into the Orchard Packet of roll out icing. I'm not sure how much you would need as I only used a left over piece for hearts and stuck them on with royal icing. If you have a 4pack of colours from the supermarket you could certainly make pale purple icing to cover the cake and then use the pink to make flowers to decorate.

The Old Dairy said...

What a lovely cake so much love and work put into it.
I'm glad Rose and your family had a lovely b/day party.