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Monday, March 16, 2009

My first attempt at a baby (modelling)

It doesn't look as cute as I would like but I'm quite proud of my first attempt.


Rosemary said...

Not bad for a first try, Bec. You just need to get the face a bit more chubby instead of elongated. Better than I could have done that is for sure!

Timbothecat said...

Homer Simpsons love child!!! hehehe

Ruby said...

No.... it's just gorgeous!!
You are very clever with your cakes etc.
Where are you vaguely? Australia ia a big place!

Becca said...

Thanks Ruby,
I'm in Victoria.

Ruby said...

I'm in Queensland. Only just discovering home schoolers in Australia. All the good sites I find seem to be in the US.
I'll check your blog from time to time and feel welcome to do likewise.

The Vintage Rose said...

So cute,it has a fascinating cartoon type face. The hair looks great!