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Monday, March 2, 2009

So much for the seeds and more sugar flowers

I was so frustrated today as Christian tipped out 7 of my 10 seedling punnets. I'm thinking that I may have to just buy seedlings, which goes against my reason for growing them in the first place. It's a lot cheaper growing them from seed and you get a real sense of accomplishment seeing the little things growing, but then you want to just thrash the child who comes along and tips them all over the grass. No I didn't thrash him but he certainly knew that I wasn't happy with him.

On a positive note, I have learnt a new flower to make out of fondant. I was searching through my still packed boxes for my Digger's Club gardening book and found a cake decorating book I borrowed from Tim's Aunty. At the time I borrowed it I wasn't ready to use it but now it makes sense to me when I read it. It's quite old, for a book, 1972, with a few colour, but mostly black and white pictures but the cakes in it are gorgeous and some of the flowers that they have instructions for don't use cutters and are really simple so I tried some last night. They've turned out really well. I'm going to end up with heaps of flowers and nothing to use them on at the moment. I'll just have to keep them in a safe place and see who else I can make a cake with flowers for.


Timbothecat said...

Maybe you could keep your seedlings in the same place???

Becca said...

I'm sure that everyone will want to eat sugar flowers that have been sitting on the fridge, next to seedlings. I think I'll just buy a small greenhouse.

The Vintage Rose said...

Pretty sugar flowers! I understand the frustration about the seedlings.

Rosemary said...

The flowers remind me of fuchsias Bec. They are lovely. If you get a greenhouse what is to stop Christian getting into that too??? After all he's a bit like salt, gets into everything! ;-)

chocolatevegetables said...

Seems you have a real affinity for growing things in both their green and white states. Well done on those flowers and I loved your birthday cake. Pink isn't a bad colour you know!

Love to see more of your artistic work. Hopefully I will get inspired by your talents just as I did with sewing. Oh, by the way hemmed the second bit of gingham for the other kitchen window. Just took a big deep breath, remembered how it was so easy with you over my shoulder last time and just did it!

Chris loves how the kitchen looks just a bit more pretty with it up.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW

Becca said...

They're called Christmas Bells in the book.

And I'm hoping that with the seedlings behind a cover, instead of on a table, look a little less appealing to play with.