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Sunday, March 15, 2009

This last week...

We finally got our new camera this week. It takes fantastic photos and we've already taken over 500 just from Elijah's finals cricket game, which they won and so are now in the Grand final, and Tim's dad's birthday party. As I'm typing this blog I'm importing the photos off the memory card onto the computer and the computer is not keeping up with my typing.

I made Tim's dad's birthday cake and it turned out really well. I hadn't made enough chocolate panels to go around a three tiered cake so I had to use the you'll love coles brand of cooking chocolate to make some more but it didn't harden properly again after I melted it, so I won't be using that again, even though it does taste nice. Everyone loved it. I think that perhaps I should have made it out of mud cake or added some cream in it .... or something. It was just ordinary chocolate cake, but I'd love to do a 'death by white chocolate' one with white chocolate mud cake and white chocolate panels and curls of white chocolate on top, or even one with flowers made from white modelling chocolate.

I took some more photos of those teddy bears that I made and some flowers just to test out the camera so I'll post them on here too.

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Ruth said...

Very cute! Just discovered your blog :) How long have you been decorating cakes for?