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Monday, April 27, 2009

Latest cake

Tim's course has him doing a website and he's basing it on my cakes so I need to make some more. This one is my best yet.


The Vintage Rose said...

Amazing! So glad you are enjoying the whole cake decorating experience.

The Vintage Rose said...

Hey Bec check out Ann at http://www.eightacresofeden.com/
another Aussie mun with six cherubs.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Hi Bec,
It is Ann here! I always have a peek at the blogs of those who sign up to follow mine. We have a lot in common! Part of the reason I started a blog was to connect with some other homeschooling mums, my homeschool support group folded over 2 years ago when most of the parents put their kids back into school. I was determined to go right through the high school years, it is worth it! My eldest son is 16 and is doing a Batchelor of Technology degree from RMIT via the Open uni. He wanted to be a programmer but is finding he enjoys the design side more now... he is working on a website for his course right now as is your hubby I see. Love your cakes, did you see my auntie's cake? Her cakes were incredible, my wedding cake was valued at over $4000!