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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Family Fun

Well I'm finally getting to blog. Here I am typing at 10:33pm, having just gotten home from my sugar flower art course, to put a little girl into bed, who when daddy put her to bed screamed and I now have a little boy in my arms, while I'm typing, resting his head on my arm. We have been so busy here, yet not really doing anything much. A couple of days ago we were making paper aeroplanes and had a competition out the back, with myself, Josiah, Daniel, Kahlia and Christian competing and I won. Yay! Yesterday we went to Wilson Botanic Park in Berwick and had a fantastic time. I can't believe we've lived here so long and I've never been there before. I'm thinking of having a bbq there for Tim's birthday. Today was swimming day so we were out again and tomorrow I've got cooking class with Elijah. He's too young to cook with the class, apparently, but he's allowed to help with the prep so Josiah takes the littlies to Aunty Lesley and looks after them for me, and Elijah and I walk around the corner to the Neighbourhood Centre. 

On a frustrating note. I was supposed to have an 18th birthday cake finished for next weekend and tonight I find out that the lady doesn't want the cake now. I only bought the stuff for it today so even if she had of told me yesterday it wouldn't be such a problem but more than that I've put so much effort into all the flowers for it. I will probably still make the cake but I still have a baby welcoming cake to make for that weekend so that will have priority as that lady has already paid me most of the money. From now on I won't start anything if I haven't had a 50% deposit paid. If they want flowers I need 2 months notice and a deposit then.

On a happy note.  I love the flower course. We made roses tonight and they turned out really well. Roses have been frustrating me so much. They never turn out the way they look in the book so its good to have someone to watch and copy from. We also have half made our orchids and will wire and colour them next week. 

Here's a photo of a lily that I made and some of the cooking I've been doing.


Rock Cakes.

Cake Pops.

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The Old Dairy said...

As Mums our life is so busy all the time, yet it seems klike we have been doing nothing much......I think it is called living.......
The cake decorating is looking so lovely..Blessings Mandy