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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How we celebrate Christmas

Hi. With Christmas almost upon us I thought I would blog about how we celebrate Christmas. We used to have the whole Santa and Christmas tree thing happening with 4 older children but each year we struggled to have enough presents from Santa and us, as well as the fact that Santa seemed to give them the best presents. Christmas just seemed to encourage selfishness and commercialism.

So a few years ago (when we only had four children) we cut out Santa Clause. Our 3 oldest children knew that there was no such person anyway and our 4th child didn't really notice or care. Since then we've also gotten rid of our Christmas tree. We usually put our presents in the portacot, anyway, to stop little kids from unwrapping them. Since doing that Christmas is more focused on Jesus being born and that receiving gifts is a privilege and how we celebrate Jesus birthday.

In the coming years we will be working on filling the Santa and tree voids with more Holy things but I'm so glad that I don't have to worry too much about that this year. We spend Christmas lunch with Tim's family, taking turns who's house we'll be at. My family are all interstate so we normally try to ring them during the day, though I'm the first to admit that I usually forget and end up ringing after Boxing Day, or my parents ring me.

I know it may sound like a very boring and uninspiring Christmas to some people but to us it's more about remembering why we have Christmas in the first place and spending time with our family.

I pray that everyone has a Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

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aszuredee said...

Sounds like my Christmas! We have four kids and it has been about three years now we have vowed to only give the kids one main gift 2 small gifts and a stocking I don't understand why i ever tried it any other way saves, Time, money, and stress, and last but not least it gives us a chance to reiterate to the kids That the true meaning of Christmas is Christ!