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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Given up and a new wrap is made

Yes I've given up and given Emily a dummy. For the first time in weeks I haven't had a crying, upset baby at 10 or 11 at night last night. She took her dummy and drifted off to sleep so easily. I was asleep with her before 10 o'clock. Unfortunately that means she's awake and smiling now at 5 o'clock in the morning but, hey, I'm not absolutely exhausted physically from walking around the loungeroom with a squirming, sooky baby. Since giving her the dummy (or pacifier for the American readers) she is nowhere near as chucky, because she's not using me as a dummy and getting too full, and she's going to sleep easier and sleep longer, which means she's having longer, happier awake times.

Unfortunately yesterday I misplaced the dummy I had been using (actually I think Rose or Christian may have run off with it). I just knew that if I didn't have one she would be crying with a tummy ache when I was at my tiredest and wanted to go to sleep myself. Tim and I searched to house for it but it was nowhere to be found, but I did remember that I had another one like it somewhere, so I ended up searching through all the boys baby clothes bags looking for an elusive dummy. I eventually found it in a box of toiletries and makeup that I don't use anymore. Whoever said hoarding was a bad thing?

I managed to get my new muslin-type wrap sewn yesterday. I couldn't believe what happened. Emily had some very happy awake times yesterday so I put her in her rocker and cut my material in half. Rose was in bed asleep and Christian was occupied with the XBox so it was the perfect time to get the sewing machine out. As soon as I had the sewing machine set up and then put up the ironing board Christian did something to Emily to make her start crying. I couldn't believe it, I hadn't even started to sew. Thanks to the older kids holding her I was able to complete such a simple jobs as sewing a few edges over and within minutes of putting Emily in her new wrap she was sound asleep.