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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our current homeschooling path

I find that our homeschooling journey is changing all the time. When we first started we were living with another family and then house sitting so we were using the homework like books from the bookshop, then I went and bought some work books from the homeschool board as well as the homework like books, then I changed those books. So far I've had 2 babies while homeschooling and each time we relax the workload around the birth of the baby (which has been early in the New Year anyway) but quickly get stuck back into it within a few weeks of the baby being born.

We do most of our work in the morning, I find it hard to get them motivated again after lunch so tend to let them follow their own path then. I'm very fortunate to have two living areas so I normally have a couple of kids at the kitchen table doing their work (although I'm not strict about where they do it as long as it's in an area that the little kids aren't in and distracting them) and someone in the loungeroom. I try and keep the little ones in the family room. Kahlia and Daniel like to do their maths at the kitchen table and then in loungeroom to watch their maths lesson on DVD. Elijah likes to do his maths alone in his room, although he's playing catch up with some of the questions he didn't understand and decided to miss so he's been doing them in the family room watching his lessons on video. Daniel and Elijah both like writing their stories on Daniels computer, which is in his room. Kahlia likes writing her stories on my computer in the loungeroom. Elijah's started reading his book at the kitchen table, while he drinks a cup of tea. Kahlia reads her book when she goes to bed, she says this helps her get to sleep. Dan likes to read at bedtime too and this encourages Christian to stay in bed and read also as they share a room.

I try not to put the TV on for the little ones while the older ones are doing their school work as it's too distracting for the big kids, so I get out toys for them to play with. At the moment they're interested in playing with the dinosaurs and playdough, sometimes both together. Yesterday it was a couple of Thomas the Tank Engine Trains and cars. I even have two little desks for them to sit at and draw. I like the pencil like crayons that you twist the ends to get the crayon bit out (I can't remember what they're called). We change what they draw on all the time so they don't get bored and start drawing on the walls and furniture. They have photocopy paper, scrapbooks and coloured paper. Even though I said I try not to put the TV on I must admit that it does go on a fair bit, Rose absolutely loves Hi-5 and is asking for it all the time and if Christian is in an especially annoying mood I'll give in and put a movie on that he likes.

Our current homeschooling curriculum is:

Kahlia and Daniel (11 and 9 years): Math U See
Copywork (freebies from Currclick)
Lapbooks (freebies from Currclick)
Creative writing (on the computer)
Learning Page (more freebies)
Cooking (whenever they're in the mood)

Elijah (13 years): Math U See
Writing strands
Creative writing

We're still reading Wonderland of Nature together as well as Exploring Creation with Astronomy but we haven't really started back at these yet.

Josiah is at TAFE this year, doing his VCE. This was a big decision as he could have started a certificate course straight away, but as he hadn't done any study in a formal environment for a while he felt more confident doing this. His marks, and motivation have been excellent.


Rosemary said...

It is so good to hear how things are going with the schooling Bec. Keep up the good work everyone! xx

Helen said...

I enjoyed reading about your homeschool day. I enjoy reading about other people home school with a new baby and a toddler... thanks for taking the time to share.

ps we do lots of lapbooks also.

Becca said...

Thanks Helen. I enjoy reading what other homeschooling families do too. I find that it gives me confidence knowing that other people feel the same way as I do. Everything seems especially hard at the moment, Emily is a very demanding baby, only being put down for short periods of time and not sleeping on her own at all. But we take it one day at a time and take joy in the little things that happen each day.