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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So Cute

I just had to blog about this.

This morning Christian (4) and Rose (2) hopped into bed with me, while I was feeding Emily. They were drinking from my water bottle and whenever Rose passed it to Christian he said 'thanks' and Rose said 'you're welcome' and then when Christian passed it to Rose she said 'thanks' and he said 'you're welcome'. They kept doing this for a few minutes. It was so gorgeous.The best way to teach kids manners is to use manners yourself. I've never really insisted on the please and thankyou's like I've seen some parents do but I still have really polite kids.


Timbothecat said...

You don't USE please and thank you, let alone insist on them!

Becca said...

I do too. Just not when it's not a request. Get back to studying....PLEASE!! ;)

Naomi said...

Hi, I was searching on the internet and came across your blog - I loved that you called you children cherubs and that you have seven! I also have seven children and have a blog 'sevencherubs.blogspot'. I was excited to find someone else who feels like me! I look forward to checking out what your family is up to...Naomi

Becca said...

Thanks Naomi. It was husband, Tim, who first started calling them cherubs. I started calling them that too when I realised that in my head I was calling them something that wasn't so nice..ratbags, horrorheads (only in the nicest way)...the list go on. But I realised that by doing that it affected my whole way of thinking and treating them so now I only think and call them good things, even jokingly. I checked out your blog and can't wait to learn more about you and your family.