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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Looking for a Church

We went and checked out a church this morning. It's been about six months since we've had a church we could call 'home' and I've been missing it, but I wasn't able to go regularly half way through the pregnancy of Emily because I'd come home feeling unwell and not right. I decided that it was too much for me to deal with, two littlies and being pregnant, the big kids are okay. The church we went to this morning is an AOG church but it has me thinking what is it that I'm looking for in a church?

1. It has to have a Youth Group. I feel it's important for my teenagers to have some Christian peers that can validate their beliefs and ideas. Most of my kids friends are non-Christians and while I don't have a problem with that I feel that there needs to be friends on both sides for balance.

2. It has to have a children's program. I like my children to stay with us for the first half of the service but also like for them to go out with other children and have some fun, while learning about God's Word.

3. It has to be accepting of larger families. (This is where i get a little opinionated so I apologise for offending you now) The heart of the Pastors needs to be open to the fact that God commanded us to 'be fruitful and multiply'. It is my belief that Satan is laughing his head off at the attitude most Christian people have towards families. We are so deceived into following the world on this. We have to send our children to school, we have to immunise, we have to earn so much money to afford big screen TVs, game consoles, brand name clothing, we have to only have 1 or 2 children because, you know, the world is overpopulated as it is (sarcasm intended). (On a side point I've heard that the entire population of the world could fit into the state of Texas. Each with a family home and a yard) To be honest, I've had enough of people saying that I must love kids, or I must be special because I can cope with so many. God made us all to be able to do this and for women to say they can't they're selling themselves short and disobeying God. (I also believe in the Grace of God and am not saying I think these people are damned and going to hell but I am saying that most Christians have it wrong. I know I did). I find there is not much difference between going to church and not going these days because the attitudes that are in the world are also in the church and our church leaders are included. Which brings me to my next point.

4. Their home groups must be family friendly. The last few churches we went to we needed to get the kids babysat to go to home group (indicative of the people's attitude of children). When I was growing up the kids went everywhere with the adults. I went to home group and either played in a bedroom, or playroom with other kids, or sat quietly in the group and listened to what was being said. Little ones would stay with their parents and possibly even fall asleep. One church we went to a few years ago (when we only had 4 children) suggested Tim and I take turns attending, Tim one week, me the next. So we just didn't go. I would really like to start going to home group again, but I would also like the option of bringing some kids with me if I need to.

There are probably a few other boxes I'd like ticked but I can't think of any at the moment. I am prepared, though, to choose a church where most of my boxes are ticked and pray to God about the rest.

Friday, April 16, 2010

5 Minutes

I love www.flylady.org and their 5 minute room rescues. When the kids all chip in to do a room rescue we get done in 5 mins what would take one person nearly 1/2 an hour to do. These days I feel like all I have is 5 minutes at a time to do anything. As I may have mentioned before, Emily is a reflux baby and therefore only sleeps long periods of time in my arms and almost as soon as I lay her down she's awake, because of her milk coming back up. Even propping her up doesn't seem to work. I have a feeling that she might be one who sleeps on her tummy but that won't be happening until she can roll over and do it herself.

Getting back to 5 minutes I've been thinking about all the things, besides blogging, that I could fit into 5 minutes and thought I would put it down in my blog. I think that at least once a week I should come up with 5 things that I could fit into 5 minutes, and the occasional 15 minutes that my hands are free.

So here goes:

1. Take a load of washing out of the machine, put another load in and take the wet clothes and put them in the dryer. (At the moment I'm using the dryer a lot, as I said....5 mins)

2. Quick tidy up of one child's bedroom. (With the child/ren helping of course)

3. Tidy up a 'hot spot'. (According to FlyLady a hot spot is an area that stuff gets dumped on all the time, such as the kitchen bench, or the bedside table)

4. Clean the ensuite.

5. Dust the lounge room.

Now if only I had more that a few 5 minute breaks from holding a baby to get this done.
My Mother in-laws birthday cake. I haven't made flowers for what seems like ages so I was very glad to make some.

It was supposed to look like one of those fresh flower arrangements in a box, that's so popular these days. I probably didn't get it 100 percent right but it was still very effective.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lots of Kids

Check this out:


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Blog

I think that I already stated in a previous post that I was starting a blog just for my caking journey. Well I finally have it going and have written a few posts. You can find this blog at http://cakeartistry.wordpress.com , so if you're interested in finding out a little more about my cake journey check it out.

Monday, April 12, 2010

What is modesty?

We went to church for the first time in six months, yesterday. For reasons I'll probably post later Tim's Mum and Dad are now going to a different church and Tim is redoing this church's web site. So we went there to help boost numbers for the photos. I struggled to find 'decent' clothes to wear, as most mum's of new baby's do, I can't fit into my non maternity clothes, yet, but my maternity clothes look really stupid, plus it's church and so you need to wear something nice, not trackies and jeans and t-shirts. Which had me thinking about the whole modesty thing. I know a lot of Christian women out there refuse to wear pants altogether, but a lot will wear pants at home but dresses and skirts to church functions. I remember when I was younger and played the flute on stage, at church, the women were told that they weren't allowed to wear pants on stage. Getting to my point... I think all the women up in front, yesterday morning were wear pants. Not jeans or tracksuits, but slacks. They looked nice but I've got to wonder about old values (these women were pretty much all older than me so I would have thought they'd have more values than me)... but then that's had me thinking, who made it that women had to wear skirts and dresses, especially to church. In the beginning we were all naked before God. Then we were kicked out of Eden, because of sin, and covered our nakedness. I understand covering up and not tempting men, but how do skirts and dresses fit into that, they can be very revealing too. I have no answers, I love my jeans and trackies, but I do have skirts in my wardrobe that I wear sometimes. I do like to look feminine and feel uncomfortable showing too much skin in public.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What is a large family?

I've been looking at a web site called Lots of Kids. It's a very interesting read. Which had me remembering when I first had what was considered and abnormal amount of children. I had my 4th child and I felt like the freak that society has labelled us. I was on the lookout for any family with more than 3 children to make me feel that we were not alone.

Now, almost 10 years down that track and 3 kids later I look at our family and it doesn't seem 'big' or strange, or freakish. I feel fulfilled, loved, a part of something bigger (no pun intended). I can't imagine life without any one of our cherubs, it would be a lot duller, we probably wouldn't be any better off financially, I've learned so much about myself these last 5 years, since our decision to continue our family. I like the road I'm walking and I feel normal.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Halo Birthday Cake

It's my sons 13th birthday today and I wanted to blog about his cake. He originally wanted a cake with guns but my husband and I talked about it and didn't really like that idea so he then said he wanted a Halo cake, not just the head of a halo person but the shoulders too. So I've made a bust. I will soon be starting a blog just for my cakes and will include photos of the process of making these cakes. I really would like an air brush for the colour but all in all the cake turned out pretty good.

My oldest son has pointed out that this is a SPARTAN-II with scout armour.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our favourite meal at the moment: stir fry

I haven't posted a recipe in a while so I thought I'd post our latest favourite meal, stir fry. We've had many different kind of stir fries over the years, it's so versatile and you can change it anyway you like. Lately we've been buying C's salad or stir fry mix, already made up in the fresh food section. This recipe is for ordinary (small) families, for our family I double it.

1 packet of C's salad or stir fry mix
1 packet of Singapore noodles
1/2 tsp of garlic
1/2 tsp of ginger
2 tbsp of oyster sauce
1 nice big steak (however much and whatever kind you can afford) cut into strips

Follow the directions for the noodles.
Stir fry steak on a high heat in a couple of tablespoons of oil with garlic and ginger. Stir through the oyster sauce then add the vegetables. Cook for 2 mins then turn off heat and add the drained noodles.

Next time I post a recipe I'll try to post photos too. I always prefer to see pics of what I'm about to cook.