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Friday, April 16, 2010

5 Minutes

I love www.flylady.org and their 5 minute room rescues. When the kids all chip in to do a room rescue we get done in 5 mins what would take one person nearly 1/2 an hour to do. These days I feel like all I have is 5 minutes at a time to do anything. As I may have mentioned before, Emily is a reflux baby and therefore only sleeps long periods of time in my arms and almost as soon as I lay her down she's awake, because of her milk coming back up. Even propping her up doesn't seem to work. I have a feeling that she might be one who sleeps on her tummy but that won't be happening until she can roll over and do it herself.

Getting back to 5 minutes I've been thinking about all the things, besides blogging, that I could fit into 5 minutes and thought I would put it down in my blog. I think that at least once a week I should come up with 5 things that I could fit into 5 minutes, and the occasional 15 minutes that my hands are free.

So here goes:

1. Take a load of washing out of the machine, put another load in and take the wet clothes and put them in the dryer. (At the moment I'm using the dryer a lot, as I said....5 mins)

2. Quick tidy up of one child's bedroom. (With the child/ren helping of course)

3. Tidy up a 'hot spot'. (According to FlyLady a hot spot is an area that stuff gets dumped on all the time, such as the kitchen bench, or the bedside table)

4. Clean the ensuite.

5. Dust the lounge room.

Now if only I had more that a few 5 minute breaks from holding a baby to get this done.

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