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Monday, April 12, 2010

What is modesty?

We went to church for the first time in six months, yesterday. For reasons I'll probably post later Tim's Mum and Dad are now going to a different church and Tim is redoing this church's web site. So we went there to help boost numbers for the photos. I struggled to find 'decent' clothes to wear, as most mum's of new baby's do, I can't fit into my non maternity clothes, yet, but my maternity clothes look really stupid, plus it's church and so you need to wear something nice, not trackies and jeans and t-shirts. Which had me thinking about the whole modesty thing. I know a lot of Christian women out there refuse to wear pants altogether, but a lot will wear pants at home but dresses and skirts to church functions. I remember when I was younger and played the flute on stage, at church, the women were told that they weren't allowed to wear pants on stage. Getting to my point... I think all the women up in front, yesterday morning were wear pants. Not jeans or tracksuits, but slacks. They looked nice but I've got to wonder about old values (these women were pretty much all older than me so I would have thought they'd have more values than me)... but then that's had me thinking, who made it that women had to wear skirts and dresses, especially to church. In the beginning we were all naked before God. Then we were kicked out of Eden, because of sin, and covered our nakedness. I understand covering up and not tempting men, but how do skirts and dresses fit into that, they can be very revealing too. I have no answers, I love my jeans and trackies, but I do have skirts in my wardrobe that I wear sometimes. I do like to look feminine and feel uncomfortable showing too much skin in public.

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