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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lots going on

We've been really busy here. Nearly everyone in the family has had a vomiting bug and then when we thought that had passed we got it again. Now I've lost my voice, but in the mean time I've been racking my brain for a way to have a vegetable garden that's not permanent and isn't too expensive to set up. Pots can be expensive, especially the big ones or if you need lots of them. Styrofoam boxes are good but not for root vegetable and some of the bigger veggies that have big roots. So I thought of bath tubs, especially the older ones, they're deeper. I checked out ebay, but I didn't want to travel too far, I may as well spend more money if I'm going to use too much fuel, and I went to the local recycling centre. They had a bunch of tubs for only $10 each so I bought 5 of them. I googled bath gardens and didn't find a whole heap of info so I've decided to start another blog The Green Bath chronicling my attempt to set up a garden using mainly baths and recycled material. The idea is to keep the cost and the impact on the environment to a minimum. While I was at the recycling place I saw a huge wooden outdoor table and chairs set, it needs a bit of a sand and oil but it's not in too bad a condition and there's plenty of room for everyone, for only $90. Something new would cost me around $1000 I reckon. While I had the trailer, picking up the baths and table and chairs we also picked up a fridge from my sister in-laws, they got a new fridge months ago and said we could have their old one and it's been sitting in their house waiting for us to pick it up, now it's in our garage waiting for me to get better and put it in the kitchen.

Emily is sitting up now and starting to interact with the other children. Christian and Rose have her cracking up, when they're not over-loving her, making her cry. Rose is into mischief all the time, if she's not getting totally naked for a bath 5 times a day she's getting changed into a new outfit every 10 mins from the bag of her cousins hand me downs that she finally fits into. She uses the hand wash soap as moisturiser so we're constantly having to wash soap off her hands, she climbs onto the bench to get her own drink of water, getting water everywhere, she got into my bathroom and opened up every pad from 2 brand new packets of pads. Christian is starting to talk a lot better, though we still have trouble understanding him, but at least we're starting to be able to have short conversations with him. He's also nearly always a super hero. Whenever he's wearing his super hero clothes he's a super hero and we have to call him by that hero's name, even Rose calls him superman when he's in his superman clothes.

No don't take my photo

My Beanie Kids

Sitting up now

Checking out the new chairs and table

My little helper

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Emily is 6 Months Old

Can you believe that 6 months have passed already. Emily is a bright, happy baby. She's nearly crawling already, getting up on her hands and knees to turn around but still moving backwards on her tummy. She's a Mummy's girl and is already starting to throw temper tantrums when someone takes something off her. She still sleeps in bed with me of a night, waking up only for a quick feed before falling asleep again, and sleeps in my room during the day, although now that Rose has decided she doesn't have to have naps during the day I could probably put Emily in the cot in the girls room during the day. I've started Emily on solids, with the hope that it helps settles her tummy and helps her to get settled before midnight but it hasn't so far. She says 'Dad, dad' already, and the occasional 'mum, mum' with lots of babbling as well.

We've had two birthday's in the last week or so. I made Daniel a special Star Wars AT-AT cake for his 10th birthday and am in the middle of making a Left 4 Dead scene for Josiah's 17th birthday. For those geeky people like us it's the house at the end of Blood Harvest hopefully surrounded by zombies and the characters (if I get them done in time).

With spring just under a month away I've been thinking about my garden. With the owners of our house only offering us a 6 month lease I don't feel very secure here so I'm not going to plant up a vegetable garden, I'm just going to use pots and styrofoam containers. I've put some strawberries in the garden but I'll move them into a styrofoam container. A friend has given me some berry canes, mint and lemongrass and I've planted them in pots. I'll keep you updated on how it all goes, plus I've joined an online gardening community called Folia for some planting ideas and support.

Well that's all I have time for. I hope all my blogfriends and family are doing just as well, or better than I am.