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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pre-Christmas Post

I'm so frustrated. Last night I was almost finished writing a post but then got sidetracked by visitors and forgot all about it. It was only auto-saved so I don't think I can get it back. Damn!

Anyway lots of things are going on here, I'll share some of them in point form:

  • Emily has her first tooth.
  • She is also walking around the furniture and has taken 4 steps.
  • She loves standing up at the furniture and then letting go to clap.
  • She gets cuddled to sleep and has been pinching my neck and arms as she goes off to sleep.
  • She also is really hard to settle so we pace the floor and sing Jesus Loves Me to her even at midnight.
  • This has drained me so much and is starting to affect my relationship with her so I've put my foot down and we are now in our second day of getting her to go to sleep in her cot.
  • We've finished up our schoolwork for the year.
  • I'm looking forward to getting together with family for Christmas. I don't go so much for the commercialism and we don't have santa or a christmas tree but we do have some presents and a kris kringle for our family get together.
  • Rose is being toilet trained. The weather here has warmed up really quickly so I've been letting Rose and Christian run around in their undies. Rose doesn't have many accidents but she still has to master doing poos in the potty.
  • Josiah got mostly A's with a couple of B's at TAFE. He'll be doing year 12 next year and has decided her wants to be a helicopter pilot.
  • The main reason that I haven't posted much this year is that every time I try and post something I have a sooky child wanting my attention and now is included. Rose is sitting on the floor at my feet throwing a temper tantrum and Emily has been crying because I walked away from her....Rose has finally gotten the hint and walked off but she'll probably get into mischief.
Hopefully my next post will have a bit more meat in it. I have all these ideas floating around in my head but I never end up posting them.

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