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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Self settling

It's been a couple of weeks now since I started getting Em to try and settle herself in her cot. I don't know if my last couple of blogs made much sense as I was severely sleep deprived and depressed but the self settling techniques I have been using seem to be working.

When Emily was a little baby I was planning on blogging about how I get my babies to settle themselves without much fuss, I was just going to wait until I actually had her settling to write the blog. Well that didn't happen. She had reflux and cried so much. I gave her a dummy and she still cried. We walked around the room singing 'Jesus Loves Me' to her and she still cried. That was what she got used to so even thought her reflux may not be so bad anymore she still wanted to be cuddled off to sleep and sung to, even when she woke up in the middle of the night. Luckily for me I had so many helping hands to hold her when she needed or to do jobs for me if I was holding Em. And then the pinching started, and boy did it hurt. I had bruises all over my neck and my underarms and as the weeks went past the pinching was hurting more. That child has strong little fingers.

At a home school mums get-together I was talking with another lady about how difficult it was to get Emily off to sleep and that she only slept in her cot for about 5 min's and at the most 20 and that she still needed to rocked and sung to in the middle of the night. This lady had a similar issue with her daughter, who is a couple of months younger that Emily. The lady had been at breaking point and ended up taking her daughter to 'Sleep School'. She told me a little bit about sleep school and what they did. It sounded very much like 'Controlled Crying' which is kind of what I used with my four older cherubs (I'm just such a softy now). I thought to myself I've done this before I can do it again, but I was going to wait until after Christmas.

My sanity had other ideas about the timing, though, and I reached my breaking point 2 weeks ago. I googled controlled crying because I just wanted to have some back-up, I could tell myself that these people did it and it worked for them. Also the info I googled let me know that it would take about 3 days and if it took longer then there was something else that was the problem and to see a doctor. The first day Emily took over 2 hours to settle every time I put her to bed. I only went in a couple of times to check on her, I also had the baby monitor on. The second day it took under an hour each time and the third day we were down to 5 min's for the most part. It was hard, very hard and I hated doing it but I had reached that point.

2 weeks later and she is settling after only a couple of cries most of the time and she has even slept through the night twice. I'm able to get stuff done because I'm not as tired from holding her so much, although she is still going to sleep for the night a little bit too late for my liking (11:30 pm) but we'll get through this too.


Jen said...

Has she stopped pinching? I hated that stage, although thankfully with mine they accepted redirections or a little smack to the thigh and it didn't go on for long.

Best of the season to you and yours,
Jen in NSW

Becca said...

Hi Jen,
She still pinches a little bit but it's more when she's tired so I quickly put her to bed. None of the others ever pinched, but I guess none of them was ever cuddled to sleep like she was. I did start to give her little taps on the hand when she started playing with the mole on my neck and she looked at me with shock but moved her hand away. She doesn't do that too often anymore.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas too.