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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What a Wonderful Life

This is my post that I thought I had lost:

Emily is now 10 months old and has gotten her first tooth this week. Today she even took 4 steps. I'm hoping that she might be walking by Christmas so I can brag about it but she won't even be 11 mths old yet so I'm not holding my breath. Last night I cracked it with her and put her into the cot to sleep. I've tried this several times but each time her heart breaking cries made me cave in and I got her up. Lately she's taken to pinching and scratching my neck and arms as she goes to sleep and she REALLY hurts but my neck can take NO MORE and she will now have to go off to sleep on her own. She has been the most fussy of the lot of our children when it comes to sleep. Our usual thing is to cuddle her to sleep singing 'Jesus Loves Me' and pacing the floor, when she was younger this was the only thing that would settle her and she's grown used to it.Of an evening she'll fall asleep while I feed her, I would then take her to bed with me. Not long after that she would start to squirm and groan in her sleep. If left there she would eventually wake up and not go back to sleep until after midnight but I would get up and pace the floor with her. So now we're doing the controlled crying thing. I'll let you know how it goes.

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