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Friday, April 6, 2012

Round Heads Or Flat Heads?

My gorgeous baby girl is 4 months old, I can't believe how fast it goes (I know I say that every time). We went to the Maternal and Child Health Nurse for her 4 month check up last week and she commented how lovely and round Graces head is. I was so proud in that moment that someone in that profession had taken notice and hadn't come down on me. If you know me you know that I 'dance to the beat of a different drum' and am a little bit strange in my views and this is one of those things that I do differently. Don't drop dead of a heart attack (and please don't leave any negative comments, I don't have enough followers to warrant negative comments) but I don't lay my baby on her back when I put her down for her sleeps. I know, right? I'm such a bad mother but I can't help but wonder what will happen to all these poor babies brains when the back of their skulls are all flat and squashing what is naturally rounded. It feels like some strange experiment that they're doing on millions of babies with our ignorant consent. So I do what has been done for generations and lay my baby on her side when she has a sleep and change side so that one side of her head isn't flatter than the other. But! And there is a but for all those who think that I'm completely crazy and putting my baby at risk. I make sure that if she's going to roll over in her sleep then she will roll onto her back. We do have an acceptable sleeping arrangement for her, her bassinet has little mesh panels with air holes in the sides so she won't suffocate if she wriggles and plants her face into the side of it, but did you know that not very long ago the people in the know used to recommend that you lay your baby on her tummy to go to sleep! Wow! So who knows when they're going to turn around and say "I'm sorry but we were wrong about that." with laying a baby on her back.

As a side note: during the night I mostly co-sleep with her so she's consistently on a different side having a feed during the night.

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