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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spring (Autumn) Cleaning

Grace, the little cutie, is 5 months old now so I guess it's time to get on top of the housework. We keep it tidy at a certain level but as we've offered to have a connect group in our home we should probably set the bar a bit higher. The way I'm going to attack it is one room at a time and as I have Mother's Day cakes to make and places to go this afternoon I'm starting off with an easy one, the Entry Hall.



To start with I put on some good music, in this case Casting Crowns, it makes housework so much more palatable. You can even see the wipe marks on the walls. I wasn't going to wash these walls as they weren't so bad but once I started it was hard to stop. I also LOVE my steam mop. Tim's Mum and Dad bought it for me and I am so appreciative of it. They were probably sick of me whining about the other mops I had been using.

I wonder how long it will look like this, though.

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Rosemary said...

Looking good Bec! Keep up the GREAT work..

I have a great new lesson you can teach the kiddilinks, Oh,but there again I think that 'fly lady' has already beaten me to it, so forget I nearly said anything LOL