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Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 2 Update 40 Days 80% Raw 20% Cooked Plant Based Eating

Just a quick post.

Morning: Hot lemon drink followed by Gingerbread Overnight Oats
Morning Tea: I had some Banana Bread Larabar Bites left so I had a couple.
Lunch: I had a carrot, as I've committed myself to having a carrot a day, just to see what happens. Plus I has 3 left over Parmesan Crusted Eggplants from last nights dinner.
Afternoon:  a Mixed Berry Smoothie made with almond milk, mixed berries, bee pollen, flax meal.
The kids were eating chocolate mudcake so I made the Rawtarian's Raw Almond Pulp Fudge ready for dessert.
Dinner was Dr. Fuhrmans Yum Good Beans from his book The End Of Diabetes served in 1/2 a red capsicum and with a huge salad.

Tonight I took the little kids to play at McDonalds. It was a little bit tempting to have some ice cream, I will admit, but I knew I had the Fudge waiting for me in the freezer. It was very yummy and worth the wait.

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