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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 40 Update (40 days of raw, plant-based, eating)

Well day 40 was two days ago so I need to post my final update. Today I weighed myself and I have lost around 6 1/2 kilos over the course of 40 days. I feel so much better for making the change and will continue to implement many aspects of eating this way. Of course with 9 kids sometimes life just gets a little too hectic and so I have to not get down on myself if I can't stick to it.

I've had fun trying new recipes, reading new blogs and liking new facebook pages. I don't think I'll ever be a true 'Raw' foodie as I do like hot meals and I like my baked goods too much, but I am using recipes that don't include white flour and refined sugar .

Tim's sugar levels are consistently coming down from eating this way and so we will continue, probably for another month or so. We really want to see them normalise completely without medication at all.

The kids have been pains and so sometimes I've felt like I've been running a restaurant, cooking for them and then preparing our meal. I'm determined to change the way they think about healthy food, though.

All in all it's been a rewarding experience and I would encourage everyone to give it a try, even for just a few days.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Day 30 Update

Sorry it's been so long since I've written an update. It's been really crazy here, even now I have my two year old on my lap and my 1 year old yanking on my arm crying, wanting to be picked up. Each post probably takes me three tries and for some reason when I'm typing they need me.

My babiest girl, Faith, had her first birthday a week and a half ago and is starting to take steps. Last night she took two steps from me to the coffee table to get her eldest sisters dinner.

So time for the update. The last two weeks I have found really hard mainly because of our little one year olds birthday. I had only the little kids on her actual birthday day and so we went to the shop and got some junk food, lollies and chips, and had rubbish for dinner. I didn't stick to the plan at all. And for a whole host of other reasons I didn't manage to stick to the plan for the rest of the week. Then we went to an all you can eat restaurant for her birthday, with family, I'm not paying to eat at an all you can eat restaurant just to eat salad but I didn't eat any bread or dessert. And then this whole last week I cheated and just ate bread for lunch and even pasta for dinner on Tuesday.

So after a week of only partly sticking to the plan I have noticed that I was a lot moodier. I had a great day hanging out with the little kids on Tuesday but then on Wednesday I was so grumpy and every little thing they did that made a mess got to me. Like at the moment Faithy Baby is sitting next to me spreading the magnetic letters all over the kitchen floor and I'm fine with it but last Wednesday it would have really gotten to me. Now she's putting them back in the plastic bags, which wouldn't have happened if I'd lost it. I've also had some stomach aches from the bread and pasta. I feel way less bloated and even though I've only lost around 5 kilos I feel thinner.

Today is day 31 and I'm cooking porridge for breakfast. The kids will have their usual brown sugar and milk, except for Christian who loves blueberries as well. I'll have just blueberries and cinnamon on mine.

Just because I've had a week and a half of not really sticking to the plan does not mean I'll be giving up. I'm coming to really like eating this way and can see myself eating like this after my 40 days are over.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Preschool Activity Chart

I know I owe you some updates regarding the 40 Days but I thought I'd share with you what I've been working on for my almost 3 year old.

She is a handful, this one, and as soon as my back is turned she is getting into mischief, either climbing on furniture, making a huge mess and just leaving it or sitting on her baby sister. She is adorable but at that in between stage where she's discovering new skills and needs to be guided in those but can't quite keep up with her older brothers and sisters and so gets a little left out sometimes. To help with the mess making part I've packed up a lot of their toys and put them in containers and in the garage. We still have the toys in baskets on shelves in the house but a lot of the little things have gone into the garage to be played with when I bring them out. I figured her little brain was overwhelmed by the choices she had to make and by not having as much available it's decluttered the house and made it easier to keep clean.

Another thing I've done is assess all of our toys and puzzles to see if they can go into 'quiet bags' or 'busy bags', whatever you want to call them, and made up a whole lot of these bags. Google and Pinterest is my friend and I just googled for some ideas. Then I made up a Chart to write down the daily activities I will be getting out for Grace in her Daily Boxes.

Preschool Program.pdf

I'm hoping these will help keep her occupied, stop her hurting her sister and stop the meltdowns. Even just writing this small post she has hurt her sister twice and had a melt down. I'm hoping to share more pdfs that I have created. If anyone knows of a better way to share them please email me.