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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Preschool Activity Chart

I know I owe you some updates regarding the 40 Days but I thought I'd share with you what I've been working on for my almost 3 year old.

She is a handful, this one, and as soon as my back is turned she is getting into mischief, either climbing on furniture, making a huge mess and just leaving it or sitting on her baby sister. She is adorable but at that in between stage where she's discovering new skills and needs to be guided in those but can't quite keep up with her older brothers and sisters and so gets a little left out sometimes. To help with the mess making part I've packed up a lot of their toys and put them in containers and in the garage. We still have the toys in baskets on shelves in the house but a lot of the little things have gone into the garage to be played with when I bring them out. I figured her little brain was overwhelmed by the choices she had to make and by not having as much available it's decluttered the house and made it easier to keep clean.

Another thing I've done is assess all of our toys and puzzles to see if they can go into 'quiet bags' or 'busy bags', whatever you want to call them, and made up a whole lot of these bags. Google and Pinterest is my friend and I just googled for some ideas. Then I made up a Chart to write down the daily activities I will be getting out for Grace in her Daily Boxes.

Preschool Program.pdf

I'm hoping these will help keep her occupied, stop her hurting her sister and stop the meltdowns. Even just writing this small post she has hurt her sister twice and had a melt down. I'm hoping to share more pdfs that I have created. If anyone knows of a better way to share them please email me.

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